Water Wars Pistols Set

With Water Guns and Colour-Changing Targets

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Teenage boys love paintball and they love laser tag, which is exactly why they’ll love Water Wars. Like laser tag and paintball, this game follows the same basic rules: the first player to get hit with water loses the game. Even so, Water Wars is so much more than trying to avoid being hit with water. It’s also about wit and strategy!

This set contains two orange water pistols and two acrylic vests. These vests feature large white bullseyes that turn red when splashed with water. And when the vests dry out, the bullseyes dry white, so the targets are pristine and ready for the next game! This packaged game measures 35 x 13 x 6cm.

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The Father’s Day Presents for Dads Who Are Children at Heart

Even when you are a dad, you can still be a child at heart. For these dads, we offer a large range of Father’s Day presents, each providing something unique and fun. So, if your dad is still a child at heart, be sure to go through our overview of suggested men’s presents for childish dads below!

What Is the First Present Suitable for a Childish Dad?

A fun game from our men’s presents catalogue will undoubtedly be appreciated by childish dads. We have loads of fun games in our men’s presents range, which enables your dad to feel like a child again.

One of the games from our men’s presents catalogue we suggest for childish dads is the Water Wars Pistols Set. The Water Wars Pistols Set from our men’s presents range can be a fun activity for Father and son on Father’s Day, since this set enables them to have a water pistol fight.

The Water Wars Pistols Set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue comes with two special vests and water pistols. The vest has a bullseye in the middle, which changes colour as it gets hit with water. So, this set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue is a great alternative to paintball or laser tag!

What Is the Second Present Suitable for a Childish Dad?

You can also get your dad a fun book from our Father’s Day presents catalogue. One book that is going to be loved by childish dads is Things to Do on the Loo, a book specifically created to provide anyone with fun activities to do in the bathroom.

With Things to Do on the Loo from our men’s novelty presents catalogue, your dad will never be bored again! The book is filled with fun games, trivia, and puzzles, enabling him to keep himself entertained while he is on the loo. So, if he tends to get bored, why not get him this book from the men’s novelty presents range?

What Is the Third Present Suitable for a Childish Dad?

Our next suggestion from our men’s novelty presents catalogue is probably the ultimate gift for childish dads. While it may start to annoy the people around him after some time, we are sure dad will love a Fart Alert Button from the men’s novelty presents catalogue.

The Fart Alert Button from the men’s novelty presents catalogue contains four recorded catchphrases. Each of these catchphrases is related to farting, so it is evident this button needs to be pressed when dad lets one rip. It is no surprise childish dads will have this on the top of their wishlist.

What Is the Fourth Present Suitable for a Childish Dad?

Childish dads love to play a game from time to time, but what does he do when he is travelling on a train or sitting in a waiting room? No worries, because Everything but Flowers has the perfect solution for childish dads: A Mini Arcade Game.

The Mini Arcade Game gives your dad instant access to his favourite arcade games. Fortunately, he does not have to drag around a huge arcade machine on his back, because our Mini Arcade Game is pocket sized!

Our Mini Arcade Game contains two-hundred and forty arcade games. It includes puzzles, sports games, and lots of arcade classics, which are played on a device with a TFT screen, a rear screen light and a mini joystick. What more could an arcade lover want?

What Is the Fifth Present Suitable for a Childish Dad?

Some dads are even childish when it comes to dinner and lunch. To distract dad, it is a good idea to give him something fun to play with during mealtimes. One such an item is the Condiment Gun.

The Condiment Gun is a unique way to add table sauces and condiment sauces to his meals. The gun measures 22.5 x 16 x 5.5 centimetre and comes with two 100 ml bottles of condiment. All he needs to do is add the cartridges to the condiment gun to get the fun started. Of course, this condiment gun does not come with a guarantee of a food fight free dinner or lunch.

What Other Presents Are Available for Childish Dads?

When you are looking for the ultimate presents for childish dads, the best place to look is in the novelty category of the men’s range. In our novelty range, customers can find anything from funny books to novelty gadgets and games. It is the ultimate category for dads who are children at heart.

Do you have a question about one of the novelty presents in our catalogue? Or could you use a recommendation for childish dads this Father’s Day? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team for some assistance.