PowerUp® 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane

Turns A Paper Plane Into A Flying Machine

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For a fabulous gift for teens, the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit will motorise a regular, homemade paper airplane for 30 seconds of flight. Teens that love to build or play with the latest gadgets will enjoy the challenge of designing planes that get incredible height and distance. Carbon fibre is incredibly strong, so this shaft and propeller will see plenty of action.

Once your teen has designed a paper plane that flies well unassisted, converting it into an electric powered airplane is easy. Just connect the shaft and propeller, charge the nose motor for 20 seconds, and he’ll get 30 seconds of awesome electric powered plane flight.

This kit comes with a charging unit, and an incredibly strong, carbon fibre propeller shaft and propeller (plus a spare propeller) to make plane after plane. Perfect for kids 8 years and up. Also included are 4 awesome paper plane designs with 2 paper templates. Note that 3 x AA batteries (not included) are required to power the charger.

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