Marvel: Expanding Universe Wall Chart Book

With more than 300 characters from Marvel comics!

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Marvel comic books comprise dozens of separate titles, featuring over 300 main characters. But, as many keen observers have come to realise over the years, there are quite a number of fascinating overlaps between the characters, their sets, and their storylines. And now, this book and wall chart written by international expert on pop-culture, Michael Mallory, seeks to explain the Marvel Universe, and the web of interconnecting characters within it!

On one side, the chart reads like a 30 page book, loaded with fun-facts, background information, lists of characters with things in common (such as changing their names, and dying only to resurrect), and a huge quiz to test your knowledge. Turn it over, and it forms a massive wall chart with a diagram showing more than 300 characters, and how their stories relate and interconnect!

Comic book fans will absolutely treasure this unique and multi-functional gift! Packaged dimensions: 26x36x1.5cm.

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