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No matter what your teen boy is into, you can get him a great gift to suit his personality. If he loves surfing, gaming, skating, coding, or anything in between, this fantastic personalised framed print will arrive ready to hang on his bedroom wall or door. The perfect gift to suit any teen. And because every print is unique, you can order an Eat Sleep … Repeat Custom Framed Print for everyone in the family. The kids will all love having their very own custom made framed wall print that is all about them!

The Eat Sleep … Repeat Custom Framed Print is available in both A4 and A3 sizes. In classic black and white, this framed print is perfect for any teen boy’s bedroom. Premium inks ensure a vibrant, crisp finish that’s designed to last. Each print uses FSC certified, 250GSM Bright White Premium Art Paper produced using environmentally sustainable wood pulp. The white timber frame is made from top quality, finger-jointed pine. To keep his framed print looking great, all prints come with a 60% UV protective cast acrylic sheet that protects from fading. Whistlewood’s range of custom made, personalised framed wall prints are assembled in Australia, and all personalisation is overseen by our experienced team so we can guarantee that your gift will look perfect. Everything But Flowers has the best gift ideas for fussy teens and boys of all ages. Shop online for the perfect gift for any special occasion.

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Top Presents for Teenage Boys! Discover Them Today at Everything but Flowers!

Buying the perfect present for an adult man can be difficult, but teenage boys are in a league of their own. Fortunately, you can get your inspiration from Everything but Flowers, who has a catalogue filled with popular presents for teenagers. Curious which presents you could obtain for a teen recipient? Check out our recommendations for teenage boys below!

What Is the First Recommended Present for Teenage Boys at Everything but Flowers?

Individuality is an important factor in the life of a teenager, so you can choose a present to decorate a teenager’s bedroom. There are various decorations that could be used for that purpose; this includes our Eat Sleep…Repeat Custom A4 Framed Print.

The Eat Sleep… Repeat Custom A4 Framed Print can be customised with a word of your choice, or even with your recipient’s name. All prints are done on a 250GSM white premium art paper, which is also made with environmentally-friendly wood pulp. Even the frame is special, since it comes with 60% UV protective cast acrylic sheet.

What Is the Second Recommended Present for Teenage Boys at Everything but Flowers?

Novelty presents are quite popular among teenage boys too; therefore, many of our recommended presents are obtained from this catalogue. One of our novelty presents that will be loved by your recipient is the Mini Arcade Game, a suitable present for game and gadget lovers.

The Mini Arcade Game is a compact replica of a genuine arcade machine. The Mini Arcade Game provides recipients with retro 16-bit arcade games, while remaining compact enough to take with your recipient while travelling.

Even though there are other compact game consoles you could consider for a teen, the Mini Arcade Game is a collector’s item. The Mini Arcade Game will stand proudly in the bedroom of a teen and can even be passed down to the next generation in time!

What Is the Third Recommended Present for Teenage Boys at Everything but Flowers?

Another novelty present that a teen would love to have in his personal belongings collection is the Condiment Gun. The Condiment Gun is also one of our bestsellers for adult men, so no matter the maturity level of your recipient, our Condiment Gun will be loved!

The Condiment Gun is a condiment applicator shaped as a revolver. Each condiment gun contains a cartridge filled with condiment; this can be anything from mustard and ketchup to burger relish. With the Condiment Gun, recipients can add their favourite sauce to their meals in quite the unique way. All he needs to do is pull the trigger.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Present for Teenage Boys at Everything but Flowers?

When you need a present for an occasion such as a birthday, you could choose one of our teen presents that could be a fun activity during a birthday party. One of our teen presents that could deliver such an experience is our Water Wars Pistols Set.

The Water Wars Pistols Set consists of two vests and water pistols, enabling a simple yet fun water pistol fight. When your recipient’s opponent is hit with a water pistol, the vest itself will change colour. So, it is a variant on a classic game such as paintballing.

Vests included in the Water Wars Pistols Set can be reused. Simply let the vests dry and the colour will change back to normal. So, no matter how many water fights your recipient intends on having, these vests will stand the test of time.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Present for Teenage Boys at Everything but Flowers?

Is the teen you need a present for a genuine lover of DC comics or comic books in general? Be sure to consider a fun decorative light such as the DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light. As the name suggests, this logo light is genuine DC Comics merchandise, so it is bound to be appreciated by any comic book lover.

The DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light measures 16 cm x 9.5 cm and operates on three triple A batteries. The light itself is made from a durable HIPS plastic, which makes the light less breakable and more durable! Therefore, the DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light is the perfect addition to a chaotic teen boy’s bedroom!

Where Can I Find More Suitable Presents for Teenage Boys?

There are other presents suitable for teenage boys at Everything but Flowers, so you should not feel limited by our overview of recommendations. You know your recipient best, so be sure to check out the additional presents for teens currently available at Everything but Flowers.

Need some recommendations for a teen recipient? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team and get some suggested presents from our experienced team!