Dads Are The Original Hipsters Book

Book By Brad Getty

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A hilarious look at how nothing is really new under the sun. This fun book by Brad Getty is on our list of perfect gifts for teenagers or gift for dads alike. Dads Are The Original Hipsters captures the heart of the seventies and similar eras to prove that Dads were doing everything hipsters of today do; only better!

The photos and perfectly chosen words will bring smiles to the faces of everyone who reads this book. Whether it was wide-rimmed glasses, or wild beards, bike riding and environmentalism Dads were doing it way back. Grab this fun book to bring a smile to those who read it.

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Dads are the Original Hipsters makes a delightful gift for your dad!

With their well-oiled beards, one-speed bicycles, and instant cameras, hipsters are everywhere. Wherever you look, they’re sipping coffee at an authentic, local bakery or rummaging through thrift store clothing racks. You probably have hipster friends. You may even be a hipster yourself.

If you’ve seen old photos of your dad, you may think he looks a bit familiar. Well, of course he’ll look familiar; he’s your dad! But you may also notice that he looks a lot like hipster himself. Hipsters didn’t pull their style out of thin air. Believe it or not, your dear old dad was the original hipster and Dads are the Original Hipsters proves it once and for all.

Was my dad really a hipster?

Well, to be fair, we don’t know if your specific dad was a hipster, but there’s a good chance he was! How do we know? Well, ask yourself the following questions:

Did your dad listen to vinyl records?

Does your dad enjoy a nice glass of whiskey?

Has your dad ever rocked a mustache?

Have you ever seen pictures or your dad wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then your dad was probably an original hipster. Dads are the Original Hipsters will show you just how cool our dads used to be before settling down and raising a family. From drinking hipster-type beers and sporting black, plastic glasses, this book is filled with more hipster style than you can wrap your brain around!

Is Brad Getty a hipster?

We don’t know if Brad Getty is a hipster. But we do know he wrote Dads are the Original Hipsters and that’s pretty cool. Getty is an author and copywriter living in San Francisco, USA. Dads are the Original Hipster is based off Getty’s blog by the same name.

Should I give Dads are the Original Hipsters to my dad?

Uh, yeah! This book is perfect for Christmas or Father’s Day. And it’s a great way to pass some time and have a few laughs with your dad. Who knows? Maybe he’ll show you some photos from his own glorious hipster days.

If you’re searching for hipster gifts and gifts for dad…

... Everything But Flowers has it all! Whether you’re a hipster in need of gifts, a hipster looking to treat yourself, or not a hipster at all, browse our site to find everything you need. If your dad makes fun of you for being a hipster or if you both like to joke about this current trend, Dads are the Original Hipsters is the book for you. Give this hilarious collection of photos and witty writing as a Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day gift.