Leaf & Bean Teapot with Filter

Delightfully Elegant For Tea Time

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Delight a friend or family member with the Leaf & Bean Teapot with filter. Beautifully crafted of clear glass with a traditional design, it will add style and elegance to any kitchen or dining room décor. Its white, leaf pattern also gives it a modern flair that will appeal to today’s tea lover.

Ideal for the lady who enjoys hosting, it comes equipped with a filter to ensure proper brewing and tons of flavor with every cup. The Leaf & Bean Teapot with filter will make a memorable gift for a birthday or the holidays. It can also be presented at a housewarming or bridal shower.

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The Latest Homeware Gifts for Women at Everything but Flowers!

Homewares are incredibly popular amongst female recipients, so many of our customers look in this category to find the perfect gift for their recipient. At Everything but Flowers, we regularly add new homewares too; this to keep things interesting for our returning customers. Today, we will introduce you to some of the latest homewares to be added to the Everything but Flowers collection.

What Is the First New Present Added to the Homewares Catalogue?

The first new addition to the homewares section of Everything but Flowers is the Leaf & Bean Teapot with Filter. The Leaf & Bean Teapot is made by Leaf & Bean, a brand who delivered some of the other teas and tea-related accessories in our collection.

Our Leaf & Bean Teapot with Filter features a stunning floral design. The entire tea pot is made from glass, which immediately adds a lot of class and elegance to the mix. So, for a modern woman who loves the finest selection of tea, the Leaf & Bean Teapot cannot be missing from her personal homewares collection.

What Is the Second New Present Added to the Homewares Catalogue?

Whether you are looking for something vintage, something contemporary, or modern, Everything but Flowers has it in store for you. One of our latest contemporary items with a slash of vintage influence is the Copper Wine Bottle Holder.

The Copper Wine Bottle Holder is the perfect homeware gift for women who collect wine, or women who occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine. The Copper Wine Bottle Holder is designed to hold onto your finest wines, but also display them in your home. So, if you have a valuable bottle lying around you would like everyone to see, the Copper Wine Bottle Holder cannot be missing from your home.

Our Copper Wine Bottle Holder is a suitable gift for most special occasions. It will be appreciated for a birthday, but also makes a good housewarming or Christmas gift. The choice is yours!

What Is the Third New Present Added to the Homewares Catalogue?

One of the most popular presents in our homewares collection is the scented candle; this is no surprise, because many women love a relaxing fragrance in their home. There are loads of scented candles to choose from at Everything but Flowers; this includes one of our latest additions: The Kate Spade ‘Garden’ Scented Candle.

Kate Spade’s Garden Scented Candle brings the lovely scents of the outdoors inside your home. Fragrances include jasmine, peony, and sweet cassis. Therefore, this is the perfect candle for women who enjoy feminine and floral fragrances.

There are more Kate Spade candles in our catalogue, so if you would like some additional fragrance options, be sure to check out the other Kate Spade options in our catalogue. Of course, we also provide scented candles from other brands; this includes La Cruz.

What Is the Fourth New Present Added to the Homewares Catalogue?

Need a gift for a woman who is a genuine party animal? If so, the following new addition to our homewares collection could be the perfect gift for her, more specifically the Soirée Cocktail Shaker.

The Soiree Cocktail Shaker is one of our most luxurious cocktail shakers. Even though this shaker is made from stainless steel for added durability, the outside of the shaker is plated with gold. Therefore, the entire shaker features a stunning and elegant design that will stand out in every kind of interior.

What Is the Fifth New Present Added to the Homewares Catalogue?

Another wonderful addition to our range of homewares is a set of Primrose Condiment Bowls. The beauty of this set is that bowls can be used for so many different things. They can be used to have your dinner, but also serve snacks and appetisers to dinner guests. Therefore, the Primrose Condiment Bowl Set will be the perfect present for all special occasions.

The Primrose Condiment Bowl Set contains three bowls with a classic design. They are part of the Tara Dennis range of homewares, a name you are undoubtedly familiar with already. Tara Dennis stands for beautiful designs, but also durable homewares, so this set will not let you down.

Everything but Flowers offers more unique homewares from Tara Dennis. Simply enter the name in the search window and hit enter to see an overview of all Tara Dennis homewares.

Where Can I Find New Homeware Presents at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers regularly updates its catalogue with new homewares, since they are the most popular items in our catalogue. So, if you are one of our returning customers, be sure to check our catalogue often for new additions.

For more information about any of the homewares mentioned today, please check the product description page on the website. You can also contact our team if you have any other questions.