Kate Spade Same Mistakes Pencil Pouch

A Fun Kit For Women On The Go

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She’s driven, she’s passionate and she loves to make the most of her life, and she’s going to love this gift from Everything But Flowers and Kate Spade. This beautiful pencil pouch is the perfect addition to her office at work or home and features the fun saying ‘If I had to live my life again, I’d make all the same mistakes, only sooner.’

If you’re looking for a gift for women who are inspirational and doing what they can to drive their own success, then this is the gift for them. Featuring two pencils, a ruler, pencil sharpener and eraser, this also makes a great gift for highschoolers or teens too. Not only is this pencil pouch perfect for stationery but it’s also a great organiser for her handbag. She can carry makeup, toiletries or whatever her heart chooses. Measures 21.6 x 14 x 1cm and is made from PU.

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Discover Beautiful Kate Spade Designer Items from the Presents for Her Range!

If your recipient is a woman who absolutely adores Kate Spade products and accessories, you are in for a treat when you choose Everything but Flowers. Not only do we offer a tremendous range of presents for her, we also have multiple Kate Spade products, which your recipient is bound to appreciate. To discover some of the most popular Kate Spade items inside our range of presents for her, please read our overview below!

Who Is Kate Spade?

Kate Spade is a famous American fashion design house, founded by Kate Spade. While the fashion house is mainly known for its presents for her and numerous fashion items for women, there is also a male line, run by Jack Spade.

Fashionable items from Kate Spade always go down well with the fashion-conscious woman, so adding one of the presents for her described below will be a big hit! To choose the perfect Kate Spade item for your recipient, please have a look at our overview of popular Kate Spade items and accessories.

Which Kate Spade Items Can You Recommend?

Since there are many items from the Kate Spade fashion house in our range, we had to create a shortlist of the most popular items, so customers can instantly find the perfect Kate Spade present for their recipient. Below, you will find the most popular Kate Spade items in our range, but if you cannot find the perfect item in this list, be sure to have a look at the entire range of Kate Spade branded items.

The Same Mistakes Pencil Pouch

Businesswomen or young adults attending university will appreciate this fashionable pencil pouch from the Kate Spade fashion house. The pouch measures 21.6 x 14 x 1 centimetres and is made from durable polyurethane, so this pouch can take some punishment.

The Same Mistakes Pencil Pouch is not only suitable for pencils and pens, since many women also use this pouch as a useful handbag organiser. Naturally, this fashionable pouch is also used to keep cosmetics safe when travelling.

Kate Spade Things We Love Coffee Table Book

Some women are real bookworms, but are still real trendsetters. For these women, Everything but Flowers recommends the ‘Things We Love’ coffee table book by Kate Spade. The book was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fashion house and delivers a great collection of design, professional photography and even art.

With a total of 240 pages of inspirational advice and playful tips, this book is a great gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas or birthdays. However, if you want to add something extra to this fashionable gift, you could combine this book with one of our food-filled hampers for extra enjoyment.

His & Hers Luggage Tag Set

If a couple you know is leaving for a second honeymoon, or if you need an additional present for newlyweds, this designer tag set should be on your shortlist. The Kate Spade His & Her Luggage Tags are made from flexible silicone, which means they are durable enough to stand the test of time. Of course, silicone material also enables the happy couple to reuse the tags when they are leaving on another trip.

‘All in Good Taste’

Women who love to throw the occasional dinner party, or a sophisticated get-together, will enjoy this Kate Spade book. Inside ‘All in Good Taste’, women can find valuable tips on entertaining their family, friends and even co-workers; this includes advice on how to set the table and choosing the right wine for the evening.

The ‘All in Good Taste’ is certainly filled with valuable information, because recipients can count on a whopping 240 pages. Thus, if your recipient has this book in her collection, she will have no problems throwing the party of the year!

Black Dot Large Photo Album

No matter what kind of special occasion you need a present for, a photo album is always a good idea for women. Since life is accompanied by many special events, trips and milestones, women will always have room for another photo album to store their most important memories.

The Black Dot Large Photo Album has a cover in linen-cloth, which has been decorated in black polka dots. The album is 21 x 21 centimetres in size and will make for the perfect graduation, farewell or birthday gift for the adventurous woman.

Blush Linen Journal

Every woman has a lot of secrets and what better way to keep these secrets than with a Blush Linen Journal from fashion house Kate Spade? The Blush Linen Journal counts a total of 280 pages, which is plenty of space for a woman’s most secret thoughts. The Blush Linen Journal also includes some satin bookmarks, which makes it easier for a woman to reflect on her previous entries, or to find some important information she wrote down some time ago.

Gold Dots Pencil Pouch

Customers who really liked the look of the pencil pouch described earlier, may like this pencil pouch from the Kate Spade fashion house as well. The Gold Dots Pencil Case is suitable for all your pencils and pens, but can also hold cosmetics or essential toiletries.

Like other pencil pouches from this fashion house, the Gold Dots Pencil Case is made from polyurethane, which makes this pencil pouch a lot more durable than the average pencil pouch. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable pencil pouch for an adult or teen, be sure to consider this release from Kate Spade.

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If you cannot get enough of Kate Spade items, there is good news for you, because Everything but Flowers has stocked an incredible collection of Kate Spade items this year. In our range, you will find even more designer pencil pouches, books, pens, pencils, picture frames, calendars and much more. Simply head over to the search window on top of this page and type in ‘Kate Spade’ to see the entire collection from the Kate Spade fashion house.