Looking for a gift for someone with a very specific hobby? Find what you have been searching for in our Special Interest catalogue. Here you will find superb books on very diverse subjects, including fashion, animals and sports!

Special Interest Books As Gifts

Are you interested in looking for special interest books as birthday presents for your loved ones or your friends? Anyone would love a book that is humorous, fun and interesting at the same time. 

Are there any books about fashion available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are books about fashion available here at Everything But Flowers. You can browse online and check out our Vogue On Ralph Lauren, Berlin Street Style, Vogue On Alexander McQueen, Vogue On Vivienne Westwood and The Dress. 

Our Vogue On Ralph Lauren features the American fashion million dollar brand which has been around for 50 years. Besides that, Our Vogue On Alexander McQueen features British fashion’s most significant figure, a legacy not soon to be forgotten by anyone in the fashion industry. As for Vogue On Vivienne Westwood, it features the career of Vivienne Westwood, provocateur and fashion icon. This beautiful book is full of photographs and information about Vivienne Westwood fashions. These books will make excellent birthday present ideas for anyone who loves fashion. 

To find out more information about our books, log on to our website and browse our wide selection of books and more!

Are there any books about wildlife and photography?

Yes, there are books about wildlife and photography. You can browse our range of books, such as special interest books, and look for Photographer of the Year, Wildlife and 50 Years of Wildlife – Photographer of the Year. These are one of our best-seller books that have the most beautiful photographs of the wildlife. It really makes an amazing birthday present for someone who would love wildlife and animals. 

Are there any travel books available at Everything But Flowers? 

Of course! Looking for books as birthday presents for someone who loves traveling? It could be for your sister, your brother, your cousins or your friends. Do browse our wonderful selection of books at Everything But Flowers. You can browse our selection of books and look for Australia’s Top 100 Places To Go, Ultimate Bucket List which is written by Jen Adams and Clint Bizzell and Casual Cyclist’s Guide to Melbourne by Melbournian Matt Hurst, which is Melbourne’s most original cycling guide. These books would make wonderful birthday presents for anyone who loves traveling. 

I am interested in purchasing the books. How do I make the purchase? 

Found the perfect book and ready to make a purchase? It’s very easy to make the purchase! You can just make the purchase online, by selecting the book you want to purchase and clicking ‘add to cart’, once you are done, you can click ‘Checkout Now’ to proceed to the next stage to make payment for your items. 

Or if you’re not sure how to make those purchases, you can always contact our staffs by giving us a call at 1300 459 452 or drop us an email at sales@everythingbutflowers.com.au and we will respond to your enquiry on the next business day. 

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