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Rings are an important fashion statement, the style of ring you wear will show your tastes. With this in mind Everything But Flowers has a wonderful selection of fabulous Rings. For something simple yet classic the Amina Ring is a perfect choice. The Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Corset Ring is a fashionable choice. For a ring with an exotic feel, pick up the Carly Paiker Moroccan Ring, available in blue, pink, and white. Let Everything But Flowers help you out when it comes to Rings.

Need Stylish Gifts For Women? Discover Our Beautiful Selection Of Rings!

Something you can always make a woman happy with is a beautiful ring. Our rings category is therefore one of the most popular categories in our gifts for women range. Whether you are shopping for a friendship ring or want to give your wife a beautiful piece of jewellery for your anniversary, at Everything but Flowers you cannot go wrong. 

How Do I Select The Right Ring?

In our gifts for women category, you will find a good selection of rings. However, this can make your choice a little harder. In order to make it slightly easier for you, we are providing you with some tips so you can pick the perfect ring for your other half.
Before you pick a ring from our gifts for women collection, there are some things you can do to narrow down your choice. First of all, it is important to listen closely to your other half, especially when she is talking about jewellery. Never let on you are intending to buy a ring from our gifts for women collection though, because it might ruin the surprise. 

Another good way to narrow down the style choices of your other half is looking at existing jewellery. This does not necessarily have to be a ring, it can also be a necklace or bracelet. By looking at jewellery, you can find out the material your girlfriend or wife prefers, for example silver or gold. You also get a better idea of the design they like. For example, does your wife prefer something simple or something a little more creative?

However, if you really have no idea what kind of ring would be best, you are better off choosing something simple. Alternatively, you can also choose one of our vouchers. With one of the Everything but Flowers vouchers, you wife will be able to buy the ring of her choice.

Are There Any Alternatives For Rings?

Everything but Flowers has a nice collection of jewellery, so you can also purchase nice bracelets and necklaces. To choose the right bit of jewellery, we recommend using the same tips we mentioned above. Cannot decide in our bracelets and necklaces categories either? Then you can still purchase one of our vouchers instead.

The ideal voucher amount for jewellery is $100, but you can spend as little or as much as you want. Everything but Flowers has various voucher amounts, so you can pick something that matches your budget.

Can You Wrap The Ring?

If you purchase a ring from Everything but Flowers, you can have it wrapped by us. You also get a free gift tag, which you can also upgrade to a full sized gift card. If you are gifting the ring as a romantic present, we recommend going for the deep red or chocolate brown gift wrap.

Can I Contact You For Ring Advice?

Could you use some extra advice before you decide to purchase one of our rings? Feel free to call up for some ring advice at 1300-459-452 or send your message to