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Cook Book Gifts for women and men

Give the hobby cook something extraordinary from our collection of Recipe and Cook Books. Our selection of recipes and books is quite extensive and ranges from Mediterranean to traditional French cuisine. Take a look and judge for yourself!

Recipe and Cook Books As Gifts

At Everything But Flowers, we have recipe books and cook books for anyone who loves to cook! Love cooking? Or are you looking for gifts for women or men who enjoy cooking? Do browse our wide selection of books and look for our recipe books and cook books. Cooking books are not only perfect as gifts for women, they could be for men who enjoys cooking. 

Are there any cake recipe books available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are cake recipe books available at Everything But Flowers. Love baking cakes? We have just the right cake recipe books you’re looking for. 

Have you ever heard of mug cakes? They are just as tasty and convenient in cups so you will not have to worry about baking a cake that is too big or that you might be able to finish it. If it’s in a cup, enough for just one person or only a few, if you’re baking a few mug cakes! Check our book with recipes on how to bake mug cakes! Take a look at our Chocolate Mug Cakes book and Mug Cakes Recipe Book. 

Anyone who loves to bake would definitely love these books as they can bake anytime they want with a cup without the need to worry about the large portion as it is only the size of a mug. These recipe books would be great gifts for women and anyone who enjoys cooking! 

Are there any cook books that contain cooking recipes for kids? 

Yes, there are cook books contain cooking recipes for kids. Browse our online catalogue of recipe books and cook books and look for Cooking for Kids book. The Cooking for Kids book is a very good book as it has all the recipes for healthy meals for kids. We all want our children to grow strong and also grow up understanding the importance of eating healthy. This book would be very helpful for all mothers and it makes excellent gifts for women who have kids. With this book, sooner or later, you’ll be cooking up a variety of delicious dishes made for a child’s palate. 

This book shows all the simple, healthy and good food that are excellent for babies, toddlers, and children. Not only is the book filled with healthy recipes, it also has charts, sidebars to help you learn and cook healthy meals. 

Are there any recipe books available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, there are recipe books available at Everything But Flowers. Check out our recipe books such as Venice to Istanbul by Rick Stein, Cantina Mexican Kitchen, Food Truck Feasts, A Sardinian Cookbook, HIGH TEA, One: A Cook and Her Cupboard and Baking Classics Margaret Fulton.

If you’re looking to try exotic cuisines, such as Mexican food, you can take a look at our Cantina Mexican Kitchen, or if you would like to try Turkish cuisine, you can try Venice to Istanbul by Rick Stein. These books would make excellent gifts for women as well, or for anyone who loves to try out new food and new cooking style. 

You can always explore different kinds of food from food trucks! Read our Food Truck Feasts. The food truck phenomenon has taken the culinary world by storm, bringing great food to hungry people everywhere. This book offers a wide array of recipes from food trucks all over the world, giving you that promising taste of palatable goodness.