‘Beyond Midnight’ Black Clutch with Monogram

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This stunning set features two perfectly matching leather items a clutch with a personalised monogram and a tassel keyring, both displaying beaded metallic design features. An ideal gift for women who enjoy dressing up for the odd cocktail party or night on the town!

Both items are made using supple black leather. The bag closes securely with a zip, and has a beaded wrist loop for easy carrying. It comes in a white cloth bag that protects the leather during transit and storage. It comes with the ideal accessory a matching leather and beaded tassel keyring, which she'll want to use every day!

Best of all, this gift will be truly one-of-a-kind, once we add a customised monogram to the top centre of the bag using our in-house blind embossing technique. Simply provide us with your selection of up to 4 capital letters during checkout, and well do the rest!

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Stylish Presents for Women Now Available at Everything but Flowers!

Everything but Flowers has many stylish presents that will be appreciated for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and so much more. Check out the latest stylish presents in our collection and choose one of our recommendations below.

What Is the First Stylish Present I Could Get for My Recipient?

The first stylish present available at Everything but Flowers is the ‘Beyond Midnight’ Black Clutch with Monogram. This stylish clutch is suitable for formal occasions, so a woman who regularly attends such events is bound to appreciate the superior style of this amazing clutch.

Our ‘Beyond Midnight’ Black Clutch with Monogram is made from a supple black leather; this ensures the clutch is flexible enough to hold a larger number of items. To ensure the leather stays protected when the clutch is not being used, we also deliver this black clutch with its own cloth storage bag.

What Is the Second Stylish Present I Could Get for My Recipient?

Many stylish women love a good fragrance and some accessories for the ultimate pampering experience. At Everything but Flowers, you can find many gift sets that contain such items. One such a gift set is the White Robe & MOR Marshmallow Parfum Gift Set.

The White Robe & MOR Marshmallow Parfum Gift Set contains a white plush robe and the MOR Marshmallow perfume, one of the most popular fragrances in Australia. MOR Marshmallow perfume is one of the most popular fragrances in Australia, featuring a combined fragrance of English rose, Madagascan vanilla, carnation, marshmallow, and jasmine. In short, a fragrance that will be appreciated by any Australian woman.

In addition to the White Robe & MOR Marshmallow Parfum Gift Set, customers can find other perfume gift sets in our collection. One of these sets is the Pink Robe & MOR Rosa Noir Parfum Gift Set, which contains a pink robe and a delightful Rosa Noir Perfume.

What Is the Third Stylish Present I Could Get for My Recipient?

Stylish presents for women are not just limited to accessories and fancy fragrances, since they could also include some lovely home decorations. Women who are passionate about the interior of their home would love a selection of decorations, so why not choose something stylish from our homewares range?

One of the stylish homewares you could consider is the Wedgwood Intaglio Keepsake Set. The Wedgwood Intaglio Keepsake Set contains a vase and a trinket box made from fine bone china, which is going to look stunning in the interior of any recipient. It also contains some lovely patterns, which give the entire set a classic yet contemporary vibe.

What Is the Fourth Stylish Present I Could Get for My Recipient?

Another stylish present from our homewares catalogue is the Copper Wine Bottle Holder. Any female recipient who is fond of wine will appreciate this stunning decoration from our collection, since it can keep any bottle of wine safe!

The Copper Wine Bottle Holder is made from the finest copper and its design allows a wine bottle to be suspended inside the copper circle. The overall design of the bottle holder is suitable for all interiors; this includes anything from vintage to modern.

What Is the Fifth Stylish Present I Could Get for My Recipient?

There are a bunch of accessories a stylish, modern woman can appreciate. One such a stylish accessory is the OOZOO Silver Mesh Watch. The OOZOO Silver Mesh Watch is made from solid silver and is truly a timeless accessory every woman should have in her personal collection.

The OOZOO Silver Mesh Watch includes a vintage silver case measuring 40 millimetres. It also has a white face complemented by silver batons, which ties the design of this stunning watch together. Of course, this delightful watch stands for durability too, since it contains a quality quartz mechanism.

To ensure your recipient can enjoy the OOZOO Silver Mesh Watch for a long time to come, this watch is accompanied by a one-year mechanical warranty; this means that the watch is protected against mechanical failure for an entire year!

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many other OOZOO watches, each with their own unique design. Check out some of the other designs to ensure you have the perfect watch for your recipient.

What Other Stylish Presents Can I Find for Women at Everything but Flowers?

There are loads of other stylish presents to take advantage of at Everything but Flowers! If you have not found the perfect present for your recipient, be sure to check out some of the other stylish options in our ‘women’ catalogue.

Do you have a question about one of the stylish presents available at Everything but Flowers? Get in touch with our team today for additional information.