Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ A5 Leather Folio Case

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Our Oxford Folio Case makes the perfect gift for the sophisticated go-getter in your life. Its neat and timelessly-fashionable leather design will have them fully organised and looking great, whether at school, university, or the office. And, best of all, it’ll be like no other, after we emboss four capital-letters of your choosing deep into the bottom right-hand corner of its exterior.

The case is made from genuine brown leather, which is sure to remain durable and trendy for years to come. Inside, it has thirteen card pockets, two larger slots, a window to display a photo or ID card, and a sleeve to hold an A5 notebook. Meanwhile, its exterior features a large zip-pocket to keep disks, pens, and important documents safe, and a snap-button fastening mechanism.

Simply enter four letters of your choice during checkout, and we’ll blind-emboss the case in-house, for true quality guaranteed!

As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather.

Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.

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Find Out the Best Presents for Sophisticated Men!

Sophisticated men can be a little harder to buy for. Fortunately, you have the Everything but Flowers team and a large catalogue of sophisticated men’s presents at your disposal. Today, we cover some of the finest men’s presents from this sophisticated range of presents, so be sure to read on if you need a wonderful present for a sophisticated man.

What Is the First Good Present for the Sophisticated Man?

Our first recommendation for the sophisticated man is the Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ A5 Leather Folio Case. The ‘Oxford’ Leather Folio Case is made with the finest leather, so it is the perfect place for the sophisticated man to store his valuables.

The Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ A5 Leather Folio Case can be used to store a notebook, identification cards, disks, stationary, and even credit cards. With the Men’s Personalised ‘Oxford’ A5 Leather Folio Case, your recipient does not even need a wallet!

What Is the Second Good Present for the Sophisticated Man?

Customers can choose an exquisite bottle of wine for the sophisticated gentleman too. One of these wines is the Cape Mentelle 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon in Premium Gift Box. The Cape Mentelle 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most exquisite wines from the Cape Mentelle winery, so it is certainly one a sophisticated gentleman will love and appreciate.

The Cape Mentelle 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is quite a complex wine, which features loads of herbal notes. Once you get to the palate of the wine, the herbal aroma is supplemented with many fruity notes, which makes this wine stand out even more.

Please note that Everything but Flowers provides even more wines from the Cape Mentelle label. However, there are more wines from other wineries too; this includes Brown Brothers and Robert Oatley. Each of these wineries is known to provide exquisite releases, so neither of their wines is going to disappoint for the modern gentleman.

What Is the Third Good Present for a Sophisticated Man?

As mentioned earlier, the sophisticated man can be a big wine lover. While you can buy your recipient a nice bottle of wine, there are some cool wine decorations that will be appreciated and loved by a sophisticated gentleman as well.

One of the wine decorations you could consider for a sophisticated gentleman is the Copper Wine Bottle Holder. The Copper Wine Bottle Holder enables anyone to display their favourite or most valuable bottle of wine. The bottle is suspended in the air with the help of the copper circle design, which is much better than the usual wine cellar.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find more wine accessories that will be appreciated by the sophisticated gentleman. You could choose one of the designer decanters, but also a functional wine preserver for his most valuable wines. Check out all available wine accessories in our catalogue today!

What Is the Fourth Good Present for a Sophisticated Man?

While some sophisticated men are major wine lovers, some sophisticated men prefer a good glass of whiskey. For these gentlemen, you could choose one of the lovely bottles of whiskey from our collection, but also a nice selection of designer whiskey glasses.

We have several designer whiskey glasses available, but one set that has been added to our collection recently is the Diamond Glasses Set. As the name of the set already suggests, the Diamond Glasses have a diamond design, which makes the glasses look incredibly elegant and fancy. Of course, the unique design of the glasses also enhances the aroma and the palate of the whiskey inside. Therefore, the Diamond Glasses Set will be a lovely addition to any whiskey lover’s collection.

What Is the Fifth Good Present for a Sophisticated Man?

A sophisticated man might appreciate a nice selection of gourmet treats too. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find numerous gourmet treats in our exquisite gift hampers. One of these gift hampers is the Vintage Moet Hamper.

The Vintage Moet Hamper is one of the most outstanding gourmet gift baskets in our collection. The hamper contains treats from brands such as Baylies Epicurean Delights, the Brewer’s Nut Company, and even Kangaroo Island. It also contains a bottle of Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage, a limited release champagne appreciated by even the harshest champagne connoisseurs.

Where Can I Find More Good Presents at Everything but Flowers for Sophisticated Gentlemen?

Everything but Flowers has countless good presents for sophisticated gentlemen. If you do not have the perfect present just yet, be sure to check out the rest of our catalogue for some additional options.

Do you have a question about any of the presents for sophisticated gentlemen mentioned today? Or could you use some additional recommendations for your recipient? Contact the Everything but Flowers team for more information and recommendations!