Brown Leather Luggage Tag with Monogram

Gorgeous Genuine Leather With Custom Emboss

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If he loves to travel then he'll love our stunning personalised leather luggage tag from our monogrammed mens gift range. Available in black or brown genuine leather, up to four letters are featured with blind embossing for a stylish personalised appearance.

We believe that the best gifts are unique gifts which is why our range of personalised gifts for men are being continually expanded to offer a truly special range of products he'll love.

To have our team create something special and personalised; simply enter your customisation details during the order process. Our entire personalised monogramming service takes place in our Sydney facility; because unlike some gift companies; we believe that our customers matter at every step of the way, and the best way for us to guarantee a perfect gift every time is to ensure our own staff take care of our entire process.

His bags will never be confused with someone elses again with is very own monogram appearing on the leather surface; so if youve been searching for the perfect mens travel gift then this would be perfect paired with our monogrammed leather travel wallet.

As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather.

Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.

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Top Men’s Presents for a Traveller!

Are you looking for the perfect present for the travelling man? If so, make sure to check the recommendation men’s presents for travellers below. The men’s presents displayed below were hand-selected by our team, so there are some unique and special choices waiting for you.

What Is the First Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

Our first recommended present for the travelling man is the Brown Leather Luggage Tag with Monogram. The Brown Leather Luggage Tag with Monogram is available in either brown or black leather, so you will always find something to match your recipient’s preferences.

The Brown Leather Luggage Tag can be personalised for your recipient. The luggage tag is customised with the initials of your recipient, which are added to the exterior of the luggage tag. So, with one of these luggage tags, you recipient with have the perfect tag for his luggage, which can be reused as required.

There are more customisable leather items available at Everything but Flowers. So, if you want to make sure that your recipient is fully covered for his future travels with quality leather products, be sure to check out more options in our catalogue.

What Is the Second Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

Our second recommendation is the Satchel Neoprene Tablet Cover. As the name of this tablet cover suggests, the Satchel Neoprene Tablet Cover is made from a neoprene material; this add loads more elegance to the design of the tablet cover, but also protects the interior against water!

The Satchel Neoprene Tablet Cover measures a spacious 28 centimetres by 21 centimetres; this means the satchel is suitable for tablets and e-readers measuring 25 centimetres by 18.5 centimetres. Of course, your recipient can use this tablet cover to store other items too.

Our Satchel Neoprene Tablet Cover is easy to maintain as well. To clean the satchel, simply hand-wash and let airdry.

What Is the Third Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

Even though the travelling man experiences loads of adventure, there is always a time where he might need some additional entertainment; for example, when waiting for a train or a plane. There are several compact games you could consider for the traveller, which will keep him entertained. One of these items is the Retro Pocket Game Console.

The Retro Pocket Game Console is an 80s style console. The console runs on 8-bit graphics and contains some retro arcade games. The exterior of the console is equipped with soft-touch buttons, built-in speakers, and an LCD screen measuring 1.8 inches.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

Travellers tend to visit a lot of restaurants during their travels, so the travelling man may need a restaurant recommendation. Still, why only go for one recommendation if you can have several with the ‘Where Chefs Eat’ restaurant guide.

Where Chefs Eat’ restaurant guide contains recommendations from 650 of the world’s best chefs. The book contains more than 4500 restaurant suggestions around the world; this includes their address, recent reviews, reservation policies, and other important information that travellers can use.

When you choose ‘Where Chefs Eat’, your recipient will also receive a matching application for the smartphone. So, the travelling man is bound to appreciate this addition for his future travels.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find some novelty presents for the travelling man. One of these novelty present options is the 100 Places You Must Visit Poster, a wall decoration every traveller would love to have in his home.

The 100 Places You Must Visit Poster contains some of the world’s best travelling locations; this includes Stonehenge and the Berlin Wall. When your recipient has visited this location, he can remove the respective cover on the poster. Once he has visited all the locations, he will be left with a colourful poster as a testament of his many travels.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Present for a Travelling Man?

Everything but Flowers does not only provide physical travelling presents, we also provide experiences that could be suitable for the travelling man!

Some of the experiences a travelling man would appreciate include the Jet Blast Adult Experience in Sydney and the Off-Road Safari & General Entry in Melbourne. Of course, there are other experiences you must consider. So, be sure to check out the available options in the catalogue today for more information.

Where Can I Find More Suitable Presents for the Travelling Man?

Everything but Flowers has a catalogue packed with presents suitable for the travelling man. If you require more inspiration, be sure to head over to the ‘men’ section on the main menu and discover more traveller’s presents in our catalogue. We are sure you will not be disappointed.