Bambino Linen Baby Album

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, rosy cheeks & button nose.

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A beautiful baby gift from the Bambino Range; this stunning Our Baby photo album features quality linen fabric offering a stylish and practical baby gift idea that makes a stunning keepsake for parents.

Ideal for newborn gifts, or Christening gifts; this cute Our Baby album features pram, rocking horse and teddy embellishments with subtle diamantes. Crafted in a soft cream fabric finish with Our Baby beautifully featured in silver this baby gift is all about style and capturing memories beautifully.

Presented in a cute Bambino gift box; we can even gift wrap the Our Baby photo album to make your online gift shopping experience as easy as possible. Adhesive sticky dots are recommended for securing photos and keepsakes.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Get Some Inspiration and Discover Our Finest Christening Presents for Babies!

A christening is a momentous occasion that deserves a special present, so many Australians look for that one special gift that trumps all the rest. If you have found your way to Everything but Flowers, you are on the right way to finding that gift, since our christening presents for babies catalogue contains numerous unique gifts perfect for this special occasion. Curious what our recommended christening presents for babies are? Discover them below!

Why Should I Choose the Bambino Linen Baby Album from the Christening Presents for Babies Catalogue?

The Bambino Linen Baby Album from the christening presents for babies catalogue is the first gift you should consider, because this delightful photo album can store some valuable memories!

Our Bambino Linen Baby Album from the christening presents for babies collection has a delightful linen cover and is decorated with a pram, rocking horse, teddy bear and subtle diamonds. It is perfect for keeping valuable photographs safe, so this should certainly be considered for a special occasion such as a christening.

Why Should I Choose the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable?

A nice collectable is also a good idea for a christening, because it embodies all the memories of the christening into one object. Of course, the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable also looks good as a decoration in a baby’s nursery or bedroom.

The Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable is made from genuine Waterford Crystal and measures 9.1 cm x 8.3 cm x 9.1 cm. The overall design enables parents to use this as a nursery decoration, but the butterfly design also looks great on the mantelpiece in a living room.

Why Should I Choose Illustrated Bible Stories?

Illustrated Bible Stories can be an excellent gift for a baby with religious parents, because this book contains some classic bible stories. Naturally, the bible stories have been adapted to make them suitable and understandable for young children. So, Illustrated Bible Stories can also be a good read before the baby’s bedtime.

Why Should I Choose the Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter?

You could choose something functional for a christening too; for example, the Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter. The Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter combines various baby gifts into one. The giraffe functions as a teether, while the soft cotton comforter gives the baby something to cuddle up to.

Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforters are suitable for newborns, so you do not have to worry if this gift is suitable for a young child or not. And, since this gift can soothe the baby’s sore gums, it will be a gift that will be appreciated by the parents too.

Why Should I Choose the Pale Pink Glitter Baby Girl Embroidered Shoes ‘A’?

A pair of cute shoes is also an excellent choice for a christening, because these shoes can be kept as a memento once the child outgrows them.

The Pale Pink Glitter Baby Girl Embroidered Shoes ‘A’ are made from soft leather and feature and adorable pink colour. When you choose this pair of shoes, you also get the option to add the first letter of the baby’s name to these adorable shoes! Simply select the embroidered letter from the dropdown menu before you add them to your shopping cart.

Why Should I Choose the Navy Baby Boy Embroidered Shoes ‘A’?

The Navy Baby Boy Embroidered Shoes ‘A’ are the male equivalent of the shoes we described earlier. So, if you need a pair of shoes for a baby boy, personalised with the first letter of their name, then be sure to consider these embroidered shoes.

Why Should I Choose My First Year Deluxe Inkless Print Kit?

This kit from the award-winning company Baby Made could also be a good gift for your young recipient! With this kit, you give the parents a way to capture the milestone moments of their baby, but do it without much mess and effort.

To store a memory of the baby, the parents can use the inkless wipes included in this kit. By pressing it on the hand and foot of the baby, they can transfer it to the paper inside this kit. The print will then appear in a matter of minutes, and your baby has not been exposed too ink.

What Other Christening Presents Are Available at Everything but Flowers?

There are more christening presents available at Everything but Flowers, so be sure to check out the rest of our christening range if you have not found the perfect present for the young recipient on the parents. From dolls and hampers to books and collectables, you can find countless options at Everything but Flowers.

Do you have a question about any of our christening presents? Contact Everything but Flowers today by telephone, email or live chat for more information.