Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace

Balanced, Beautiful, and Handcrafted

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The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace is modern, yet somehow vintage. It’s also delicate, but manages to be quite bold. Its charm and its power lies in its stunning simplicity. This handcrafted necklace utilizes a sterling silver chain and petal-like charms to create a balanced and versatile piece of jewellery. In fact, it looks great with a pair of jeans or a lovely little cocktail dress!

This gorgeous, long necklace measures 85cm.

Whatever the reason, the season, or holiday, this Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace is a fantastic gift. During checkout, explore our premium customisation options, like gift-wrapping and deluxe greeting cards. Everyone loves a personal touch!

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