Pub Quiz Game

All the Competition, But Without the Bar Tab

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With Pub Quiz, there’s no need to spend a ton of money on a bar tab. This awesome novelty gift takes the excitement of a classic pub quiz and packages it in a game that can be played anywhere! Pub Quiz comes with eight themed categories. Each category features 50 sets of questions, so there’s no end to the fun. The game also comes with a scoring pad, pencils, and two flip scoring charts for an added edge.

The categories include: History, Food & Drink, Arts & Literature, TV & Film, Sports & Pastimes, Places, Music, and Science & Nature. Correct answers receive two points, while “almost” answers receive one.

Challenge your competitive friends and family to a trivia showdown by giving Pub Quiz as an awesome novelty gift. What are you waiting for? Throw down the gauntlet!

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