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If you know any jokers who see the crazy in life, they'l

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You know how people can sometimes see red when life throws a curve ball? Well now they can see red and hit it with the WTF Slammer button by Big Mouth Toys. It's programmed with 10 ways of saying WTF in different accents and characters. So when you hit that button you can be sure of what it'll say, and positive it'll get lots of laugh. Great for releasing tension and getting giggles all round. It's fun for everyone, like all the best novelty gifts.

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WTF Slammer Button

What do you give to someone who looks at everything and thinks WTF? If you’re looking for presents for him, this WTF Slammer Button is an awesome gag gift for the joker in your life.
Presents for Him - WTF Slammer Button

Oftentimes, getting presents for him is a difficult task. But for him who enjoys a joke, this WTF Slammer Button is an ideal token. It is also great for someone who is often faced with pressure and need some fun moment in his life. It has a big red button that can be slammed down to produce 10 different ways of saying WTF. This is a great way to bring a smile to his face (and to those around him) and lighten up a situation during WTF moments.
Funny gifts always bring a smile to anyone’s face and this WTF slammer button will surely elicit laughter during those moments when life can only be explained with three words.
WTF Slammer Button as a Gift
The WTF slammer button is a great way to ease everything up whenever your day is kicking the crap out of you. Surely, when you include this as one of your presents for him, he’ll definitely find a way to use this during hard days. It’s a great way to ease one’s frustration when he’s having a WTF moment through 10 profanity-laced phrases. The sound it makes is hilariously loud, perfect to place in any stressful environment to ease up everyone’s pressure.
We all know that using foul language is not always appropriate especially in an office environment. This slammer button gets the job done! He won’t have to blurt out profane language because by simply slamming your gift, it blurts it out for him, in 10 different ways. Moreover, he can even turn a stressful situation in a delightful one.
WTF slammer button can be given as a prank joke to him or to any family member or friend, or as a novelty gift to a co-worker.
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