Party Animal Book

From Wanna Be to Party Superstar

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Let’s get the party started with the help of the world’s newest Party Animal, at least that’s what they’ll be once you give them the hilarious “Book Of The Party Animal”. This is the complete guide to becoming an authorised party animal. A how-to that teaches them everything they need to stop making a fool out of themselves and start bringing the party to life the right way.

You know the party animal; they have their own unique dance moves yet still seem to look great dancing, they have all the best pranks and can somehow get the girl while doing things that would make anyone else look like an idiot? This book has everything inside to unlock that inner Party Animal.

Including the official certified Party Animal Dance Moves, all the best Party Animal Drinks and their recipes, along with a history of famous party animals and more in this complete, fun Party Animal Guide. Take advantage of our entire range of fun novelty gifts to bring a smile to the face of someone special.

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