How it Works: The Student Hardcover Book

With Classic Ladybird Pictures and Funny Text

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Being a student is fun, right? Well, sometimes. But other times, there’s a 50-page paper is due on Monday and someone partied a bit too hard on Saturday night. How it Works: The Student is one in a series of novelty books for adults made with original Ladybird illustrations, but with new, hilarious text. It’s written by authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. Hardback Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8cm. 56 pages.

How it Works: The Student is made to be enjoyed by recent graduates and current students alike. Though we know some pages might hit a bit too close to home, hilariously of course. This gift comes with a complimentary greeting card. Personalise this cute card or upgrade from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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