When it comes to novelty gifts, books aren't always what people think of first. But when thinking about presents and gifts, we think books are a great, quirky present for the person who seems to have everything. We've got a range of novelty books for men and women; including 'Man Caves' and 'Extremely Embarrassing Dad Jokes'. We've got you covered for Australia's best novelty book gifts.

Novelty Books

Gift-hunting can be a chore, especially for those special people in our lives. Be it for family or friends, generic gifts just won’t do, and a gift well-thought of is worlds better than a gift picked on a whim. People want to feel unique and one-of-a-kind, and novelty presents are the perfect way to tell them that they are truly novel persons in your life. Still finding it hard to figure out what to get? A novelty book is the perfect place to start, such as the Official Game of Thrones Adult Colouring Book.

There’s Nothing More Novel than a Novel

As far as books for gifts go, you might think that they are much too common to be anything special. But the wonderful thing about books is, they come in as many varieties as there are different kinds of people. Be it for a dad who loves golf, a sibling who enjoys the latest movies and television series, or a friend who’s a cat or dog lover to the bone, you need not worry. You are bound to find a book that fits any personality like a tailor-made suit. What’s more, books as novelty presents give way to more creative ideas outside the traditional word-populated format of a novel, for books are also home not only to words but also illustrations.

Who Says Colouring Books are for Kids?

Perhaps one of the most interesting ways that novelty presents have influenced the world of books is the birth of the adult colouring book. Adult colouring books shatter the illusion that the genre is reserved only for kids and toddlers, and capitalise on the innocent truth that everyone, no matter how old, is and always will be a child at heart. Adult colouring books retain the essentials of the colouring books we knew as kids. They still basically have the objective of colouring in pre-drawn illustrations, but of course, with added difficulty and covering more mature subject matter given the older audience. All in all, adult colouring books have brought a lot of joy and enthusiasm to more mature fans of colouring books, being a source of both nostalgia as well as well-needed relaxation from the hassles of everyday life.

A Game of Thrones Adult Colouring Book

A Game of Thrones is the first novel in the ever popular series of books written by George Raymond Richard Martin. The popularity of the series surged with the advent of its HBO Series adaptation, Game of Thrones, in April 2011. Set in a mythical, medieval world filled with dire wolves, dragons, giants, and white walkers, it tells the story of various royal Houses in interlocking storylines of war, betrayal, deceit, and revenge in the never ending struggle for the throne.
The popularity of the series has expanded its reach to various form of media. This coupled with its rich and diverse story setting, the Game of Thrones Adult Colouring Book is an exemplary franchise fit for adult colouring books for the both enthusiasts of the series and colouring books alike.

Other Books as Novelty Presents

A fan of the Breaking Bad series? An adult colouring book on the same is also available! Maybe looking to give reading material as novelty present? You can also consider other novelty book covering a wide range of interests such as Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity for cat lovers, A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette for canine fans, Zombies Have Issues for zombie enthusiasts, and so much more.

Everything But Flowers: Your Library for Novelty Presents

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