Never a boring gift again thanks to Everything But Flowers awesome selection of Novelty Gifts For Adults. Why not get a little cheeky? Life's too short to be serious anyway, we've found some of Australia's best naughty novelty gifts that will be fun for hen's nights and buck's nights, or perhaps a little bit funny for a partner or friend. Take a look at our novelty drinking games, 'Happy Man' bottle opener and stoppers, or for extra fun, a pop up inflatable doll. We've got Australia's best range of novelty gifts to make your gift giving as easy as can be.

Adult Novelty Gifts

If there’s one thing that men are born with, it’s their natural affinity for adult humour. Whether it be throwing around friendly insults for giggles or the occasional sexual innuendos, guys are just naturally gifted experts! Among friends and acquaintances, it’s just amicable banter not meant to be offensive but a part of the group chemistry. It’s no wonder that when looking for presents for men, it is really never a bad idea to tap into this humour and getting presents for men designed to tickle the dirty areas of their minds. That being said, you should consider the following items as possible gift ideas to amp up the humour and camaraderie in your circle of friends.

INSULTS Every Man Should Know

Among guys, friendly insults are like a second language and an often used form of communication. INSULTS Every Man Should Know is the dictionary of choice and the guide to become a pro in roasting your friends. After all, when shots have been fired, no one likes to lose in an exchange of friendly insults. If you’re going to give this as a present though, you might want to consider getting a copy for yourself.

Bottle Opener Happy Man

Undisputedly, the male ‘shaft’ is the international symbol of sexual innuendos and is the guaranteed source of most jokes and shenanigans when it comes to sexual humour. Hence, we have the Bottle Opener Happy Man, a never-failing tool to elicit laughs during a night of beer drinking. Novel in its humour, it’s also a handy device to keep the beer flowing for a long drinking session with friends.

Ring Bell for Sex and Furry Love Cuffs

All subtlety aside, you can also consider the Ring Bell for Sex and Furry Love Cuffs as great presents for men. Aside from the fun to be had in watching your embarrassed friends opening these presents in front of your group, the bell and cuffs are also apt gifts for a more private, intimate setting between him and his partner.

Other Novelty Items you can give as Presents for Men

There are plenty of other adult novelty presents you can choose from in addition to the ones mentioned above. There’s also the Pop-Up Inflatable Female Doll as well as the The MAN Plan: A Modern Man’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together. In deciding on adult-themed gifts to give as presents for men, there is never a shortage of witty ideas for you to choose from for the enjoyment of you and your friends.

Where to Get these Adult Novelty Items

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