Cat in Space Mug

This Adventurous Astro-Kitty is Beyond Adorable!

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Space probably isn’t the best place for cats. After all, they can’t land on their feet without gravity. Whether they belong there or not, this Cat in Space Mug is sure to delight coffee- and tea-drinkers everywhere. The porcelain mug depicts an adorable astro-kitty reaching for a delicious cheeseburger on the backdrop of shining galaxies, stars, and planets. The mug is the perfect morning pick-me-up!

Mug Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 10cm.

Rolling out of bed in the morning is much easier when this Cat in Space Mug from Mr & Mrs Jones is waiting in the kitchen. We recommend giving this fabulous novelty gift to anyone, anytime. Astro-kitten is ready to steal some hearts!

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Our Latest Presents for Animal Lovers!

Animal lovers can be some of the easiest people to buy presents for, mainly because there are so many options to choose from these days. However, if you are lacking inspiration despite a large amount of choices, be sure to check out our recommended presents for animal lovers below! These recommended presents were selected by the Everything but Flowers team, so there are some fun suggestions to be found.

What Is the First Suggested Present for Animal Lovers from Everything but Flowers?

Our first recommended gift for animal lovers is also a new addition to our collection, more specifically the Cat in Space Mug. As you can imagine, the Cat in Space Mug is best suited for cat lovers, but animal lovers in general will appreciate this mug.

Waking up in the morning is not easy, but it certainly becomes a little more fun with this lovely mug. Astro-kitty and a nice cup of coffee can help you start your day on the right foot, so why not give your recipient this wonderful gift for a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion.

What Is the Second Suggested Present for Animal Lovers from Everything but Flowers?

A nice photobook might appeal to an animal lover too. Fortunately, there are several at Everything but Flowers. One of the options is ‘Cat Selfies’, a photobook filled with the best cat selfies, leaving your animal-loving recipient entertained for many hours.

Cat Selfies’ measures 14.6 x 14.6 centimetres and counts a whopping 96 pages. The book was composed by Charles Ellis and features delightful photographs you will not find that easily on social media. So, whether your recipient is a fan of cute kittens or naughty cats, this amazing book will provide many hours of entertainment.

In addition to ‘Cat Selfies’, customers can find other animal photobooks; this includes the ‘Dog Selfies’ book. So, before you decide, determine the favourite animal of your recipient and find the matching photobook to find them the perfect present.

What Is the Third Suggested Present for Animal Lovers from Everything but Flowers?

There are quite a few original gifts for animal lovers at Everything but Flowers; this includes our cute Panda Animal Speaker. The Panda Animal Speaker is a mini Bluetooth speaker, which enables your recipient to play tunes, but also take calls hands-free.

The Panda Animal Speaker can be used anywhere within the home, since it is a wireless device. As the name of this speaker suggests, the speaker has a cute panda design. So, any animal lover would love to have this original speaker in their personal collection.

Please note that the mini Bluetooth speakers at Everything but Flowers come in other designs too; this includes the Dog Animal Speaker. So, if you want to check out some of the other animal shapes this speaker comes in, be sure to check out our entire catalogue for inspiration.

What Is the Fourth Suggested Present for Animal Lovers from Everything but Flowers?

Animal lovers who are also avid reader might appreciate our following recommendation, more specifically the Pug Bookends Set. The Pug Bookends Set is a part of our contemporary homewares collection, so it will look great in the interior of your recipient’s home.

The Pug Bookends Set consists of two bookends. When put together, they form a pug dog, one of the world’s favourite dog breeds! Naturally, we have other animal bookends too. So, you can check out some of the additional designs for your recipient before you decide.

What Is the Fifth Suggested Present for Animal Lovers from Everything but Flowers?

Customers can find every type of item in an animal design these days. Even trinket trays can come in the shape of an animal; this includes our stunning Rose Gold Little Dog Ring & Trinket Plate.

The Rose Gold Little Dog Ring & Trinket Plate is the perfect place to store jewellery, keys, and coins. The combinations of ceramic and rose gold is mainly suitable for women, so we suggest choosing this Rose Gold Little Dog Ring & Trinket Plate for teenage girls or adult women.

There are other trinket plates available at Everything but Flowers too; this includes our trinket plates with unicorn design. Of course, there a non-animal designs too, so there are loads of choices for a special occasion.

Where Can I Find More Suitable Presents for Animal Lovers at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers has one of the most extensive catalogues for Aussie recipients, so our available presents for animal lovers are not limited to the options mentioned above. If you need additional inspiration for your recipient, please head over to our main catalogue and check out some of our latest additions.

Do you have a question about one of our animal-related presents? Get in touch with the team today for more info.