Solar Queen 90th Birthday Edition

Solar Powered For Continuous Fun

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Queen Elizabeth II is known for her bright outfits, her royal corgis, and her gentle wave. Now you can have your own waving monarch with this Solar Queen 90th Birthday Edition. Bedecked in a sumptuous red dress, a beautiful crown, and a diamond brooch, the queen looks as regal as ever. All she requires is a place lit by natural light. With the right amount of sunlight, you can watch as she politely waves at her beloved subjects.

The Solar Queen 90th Birthday Edition is one of our favourite novelty gifts. So give the queen a sunny home and enjoy the show. Shop Everything But Flowers today for presents befitting royalty.

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Solar Waving Queen

Shopping for a Kris Kringle present can be an exciting experience, especially when you want to surprise someone with an unexpected and unique gift. Novelty gifts are some of the most exciting and unique Christmas presents you can give your officemates, friends, or family. Everything But Flowers has an incredible selection of fun, quirky, and interesting novelty gifts you can ever find. A Kris Kringle present or a Christmas present must always bring cheer and laughter to its recipient.

However, not all gifts are created equal. If you need something regal, something elegant yet funny, quirky, and certainly a conversation starter, then the Solar Waving Queen is the perfect Kris Kringle present for you.

What is the Solar Waving Queen?

The Solar Waving Queen by Kikkerland is a doll inspired by Queen Elizabeth II. The Solar Waving Queen dolls were made to celebrate Her Majesty's 90th birthday on 21 April 2016.  Made from poly resin, this doll is solar powered to make the Queen's tiny hand wave back and forth. Put it on your windowsill, living room or office table, and you have the Queen waving at you every moment of the day!

The Solar Waving Queen also has little charming details. The Queen is wearing an elegant and regal red dress with a little brooch, a crown, gloves, pearl necklace, and a chic black handbag. It measures 16 cm x 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm, a perfect size to put anywhere without hogging too much space.

Why is the Solar Waving Queen a Great Christmas Present?

The Solar Waving Queen will simply put a smile on anyone's face. Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning queen in history. A well-respected and admired figure, anyone will be inspired by her tiny, waving presence in their rooms. As it is made from a sturdy material, it’s a gift that will definitely last for quite a long time. If you do not want the recipient of your gift to ever forget you, then give him/her this adorable gift.

Solar Waving Queen is made by Kikkerland, a company that has been making creative and unique products since 1992.

Solar Waving Queen: A Unique Kris Kringle Present

The Solar Waving Queen has all the charming qualities of a Kris Kringle present. It's sophisticated yet fun, simple yet inventive and quirky yet adorable. It is also eco-friendly. The solar panel located in the Queen's handbag serves as the energy source. Put the Solar Waving Queen where sunlight is available and you will have the smiling queen wave at you. One of the coolest things about this gift, aside from being a great novelty gift, is that it can also give the message of being more conscientious about the environment and energy sources.

Where Can You Buy the Solar Waving Queen and Other Novelty Gifts?

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