Seriously Fur Babies Milestone Cards

Pet owners everywhere will laugh out loud with the range

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Everything But Flowers can gift wrap and deliver your Seriously "Fur Babies" Milestone Cards novelty gift. The perfect gift for animal lovers.

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Seriously Fur Babies Milestone Cards

Are you looking for the “purrfect” present or a “doggone” good gift for a pet-loving friend or relative? Then these beautiful cards from Everything But Flowers will be just the thing! With funny, pet-related sayings that all pet-owners will recognise, this beautifully presented gift box with 19 different cards will delight pet owners everywhere.

When can I give these cards as a gift?

These are so many different occasions when these Fur Babies Milestone cards would make the perfect gift. Pet owners are usually besotted with their animals, so birthdays are often celebrated. Christmas, World Animal Day (4th October) or even the day a new puppy arrives in the home will be a great time for these fabulous cards. They also make a great Thank You gift for a fellow-pet owner who has looked after your pet while you were on holiday.

What are the cards for?

These milestone cards are great for taking pictures of your pet and recording special events, accidents, cute moments and many other occasions that will be familiar to pet owners the world over. Build up a pictorial collection of events that you have shared with your pet and create the memories of tomorrow. Take a look at the great sayings included on the cards and when the moment is right, just take a picture of your pet with the appropriate card in shot! Post them on Facebook, share them on Instagram or just display them at home.

Cards include:

-My parents accidentally left me inside all day

-Check out what I brought home

-I rolled in...

-Those rules didn't last long

-I love licking things (mainly myself, but also things)

-I got fixed (but I feel broken)

-Check out my collection

-I thought this was a good spot to go to the toilet

-I kept my humans awake ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG

-Today my humans are hungover for the first time since getting me

-Bath time fail

-You think this looks bad? You should see the vet bill...

-They blamed the fart on me

-Check out my sleep style

-Today I ate (Shoes/Poo/My human's favourite...)

-I was bored

-Today I ran away

-Please stop taking my picture human

-Today I just won't shut up

Presents for pets (and their owners)

As well as these seriously good cards, Everything But Flowers also has many other pet-related gifts that will be appreciated by our furry companions and their owners! Think of some stylish food bowls, a cute treat jar, or even their own pet photo shoot. Even people who love pets but don’t own one have been thought of, with some gorgeous books about cats and dogs full of delightful photographs.

Gifts delivered to your door

As well as these delightful gifts for pets and pet lovers, Everything But Flowers offers a huge range of gifts for adults and children of all ages, from little stocking fillers to significant gifts for all sorts of occasions, as well as a great selection of hampers. And shopping is so easy; you simply select your gifts and have them sent to your home, or even direct to the recipient! Our Australia-wide delivery is even free on orders over $99.00. So, now you can make your life a lot easier - just select your gifts here at Everything But Flowers, and leave the hard work to us. That will leave you more time to take your dog for a walk!