The NO! Button

Say No Without Saying it!

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What's that large red button on your desk? Can I touch it? NO! Once you put the NO! Button on your desk, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. In fact, you should probably get one for your home too. The button has a diameter of 90 x 40mm. With each press, it plays one of ten ‘no’ variations. So if the first ‘no’ doesn't do the job, feel free to try the next!

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or an office worker, the NO! Button could change your life for the better. It also makes a hilarious gag gift!

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Who would appreciate the No Button as a gift?

Get ready to say no in style with the fabulously funny no button from Everything but Flowers. This is the perfect gift for someone who has just about had enough. It is the ideal response to all of those questions that you hear all the time. Whether it is Mum can I play on the computer, Dad can I get a lift, or perhaps their colleagues continuously pester to borrow stationery, this fabulously funny button will provide ten variations of the word ‘NO’, so they do not have to keep repeating themselves. Whether they use it for home, work, or even school, this funny NO button’s pre-recorded sayings will ensure the message gets across loud and clear.

What special occasion would this be a suitable gift for?

This hilarious button would be a great gag gift, and your gift recipient will love having this on their desk. Teachers will enjoy being able to use this in class, it is sure to be a great addition to their box of tricks, and the kid’s themselves will want to press the button. If your loved one has to say no a lot at work, give them the gift of this button so that their message rings loud and clear. This would be the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa for a colleague or friend, or perhaps for someone in your life who needs a lesson in saying no. Whatever the special occasion, they are bound to love this hilarious little button.

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