Jesus Soap 

Wash Away Sins The Fun Way

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For the man who has everything; and the man who’s been just a little naughty we’ve got an hilarious novelty gift for him. The Jesus Soap will wash away his sins with absolute fun. Measuring 11 x 7.5 x 2.5 the Jesus Soap will clean his body and soul and will bring a quirky smile to his face without a doubt.

Gifts Australia is the ultimate destination for novelty men’s gifts whether it’s for a birthday gift or an anniversary gift for a cheeky boyfriend or husband; the Jesus Soap will bring a smile to his face and some humour to his day.

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The Best Novelty Men’s Presents at Everything but Flowers!

Novelty birthday presents are always a good laugh, so we urge you to look at our novelty catalogue every time you visit! Today, we consider the novelty men’s presents range, which has some hilarious items right now! Curious what our most popular novelty men’s presents are today? Check out our overview below to find out!

Jesus Soap

Is your recipient someone who often does some shameful things, and then regrets them straight afterwards? If so, you could consider the Jesus Soap from our men’s presents collection as a novelty gift.

The Jesus Soap from our men’s presents collection measures a good 11 x 7.5 x 2.5 centimetres and comes in some fun packaging to make it hilarious. The package states: “You can be as bad as you want all day and then at night… Simply wash away your sins.” It is a piece of soap everyone can get behind!

Sh*tfaced Games Book

We all get a little silly sometimes, especially when there is alcohol involved. If your recipient is celebrating his birthday, then this book from our birthday presents collection will certainly be useful!

Inside the Sh*tfaced Games Book, your recipient can find delicious cocktail recipes, illustrations by HogWild and loads of drink trivia. Of course, the most vital information inside this book is a selection of 50 competitive drinking games; this includes Ice Rink Drink and Beer Bobsleigh. Sounds intriguing don’t you think? So, if this book sounds like something your recipient can get some giggles out of, be sure to pick this gift option from our birthday presents collection!

Luckies Smartphone Speaker

Nobody says that novelty items cannot be functional! This is certainly proven by the next item from our novelty birthday presents collection – the Luckies Smartphone Speaker!

The Luckies Smartphone Speaker from our birthday presents range is ideal for someone who lives for his smartphone. It is a battery-powered amplifier, which can be connected easily to most iPhones, Smartphones and HTCs. Then, it can play any music out loud! Therefore, this gift from our novelty presents collection could be perfect for students as well as adults!

Tabletop Air Hockey

Would you love to gift a game of air hockey to your recipient, but does he lack the room for a full-on air hockey table? No need to worry, because our novelty presents collection has the answer!

The Tabletop Air Hockey Game is the perfect gift from our novelty presents collection for men who like classic games, but do not have the space for the full thing! The Tabletop Air Hockey from our novelty presents collection contains a battery-powered puck, enabling it to glide over any table or flat surface. By getting this set, you can gift the game of air hockey no matter how little space a recipient has.

Table Tennis Set

Is your recipient a genuine table tennis nut? Then consider the Table Tennis Set from our novelty presents collection as a fun gift. With this set, your recipient can turn his dinner table into a ping pong championship zone, so this set guarantees many hours of fun!

Pong a Shot

Another possibility from our novelty range is the Pong a Shot Game. Even though this may look like a basic desk basketball hoop at first glance, you will notice it is fun drinking game when you take a closer look!

Pong a Shot is based on beer pongo, only this game set requires a lot less space. It is also a friendlier option for any party host, because Pong a Shot is less likely to cause annoying spills! Therefore, this novelty game should be considered for any alcohol-containing party.


Buying a gift for a Star Wars nut? Here is the perfect gift for your recipient – a replica lightsabre! When it comes to Star Wars, there are always three things that enter your mind immediately: Dart Vader, Yoda and Lightsabres. So, we can guarantee that this gift will be much appreciated by any Star Wars fan.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find more Star Wars related items for your recipient. If you want to add something else to your Star Wars-themed gift, be sure to enter Star Wars in the search window and our website will list all your available options on a new page.

Other Novelty Gifts Currently Available

Since the novelty presents mentioned above are just some recommendations, we urge you to look at the rest of our catalogue too. The novelty items available at Everything but Flowers are incredibly diverse, so we are sure you can get even more inspiration by browsing through some of our available novelty gifts.

Do you need some help selection a good novelty gift for your recipient? Contact our customer support team for some free advice. To contact Everything but Flowers, please use any of the available contact methods on our website.