Getting a new home is certainly a cause for celebration, so a good gift may be needed for someone who recently obtained a new house. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many suitable presents for a housewarming. To help you choose from this exquisite collection of gifts, we have listed some of our personal favourites below!

What Functional Housewarming Gifts Could I Gift for the Kitchen?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find numerous housewarming gifts for the kitchen; this ranges from functional gadgets to cooking bowls. So, customers certainly have plenty of choice.

One of our suggestions for a housewarming is the Hot Mama Oven Cleaner. With the Hot Mama Oven Cleaner, your recipient can get the grime and grease easily from their oven. The steam coming from the Hot Mama Oven Cleaner loosens it, and then your recipient can simply wipe it away.

Our next suggestion is BABU the Toothpick Guru, an item that your recipient is not going to have when moving to a different house. As the name suggests, BABU the Toothpick Guru is a beautiful, decorated pot used to store toothpicks. Since it has a beautiful design, it can be used as a decoration for the kitchen too.

Another functional present for the kitchen is the Ulster Weavers Lobster Bib Tea Towel Set. The Ulster Lobster Bib Tea Towel Set is specifically made for seafood lovers, since the design of both items is covered in delicious-looking lobsters.

Finally, we also recommend the Mozart Kitchen Timer. Everyone needs a timer in their home, but it is often one of those things that is bought several months after moving to a different home. So, by gifting a themed kitchen timer, you make sure that no cooking mishaps happen in the kitchen of your recipient.

What Functional Housewarming Gifts Could I Gift for the Lounge or Living Room?

For a new home, you could choose a beautiful gift for the lounge or living room too. There are several options at Everything but Flowers, so we have listed our personal favourites here.

One of our recommendations is a scented candle. There are several available at Everything but Flowers; this includes Damselfly Kanye Candle. The Damselfly Kanye Candle, which has quite a humorous tone, is made from a non-toxic wax and lead-free cotton wicks. It also has a burn-time of approximately 70 hours. So, the Damselfly Kanye Candle at Everything but Flowers is certainly not a tealight!

Another decoration for the living room we suggest is the Dachshund Bookends Set. The Dachshund Bookends Set is a beautiful and cute addition to any bookcase. It measures 22cm x 11cm x 15cm, which means it will fit on many bookcases and in many living rooms.

Customers looking for a unique home decoration for the living room could also choose the exceptional Millennium Plasma Ball. The Millennium Plasma Ball is a handcrafted decoration, which has been filled with ionised gas. The purpose of the ionised gas is to create a decoration with lightning shooting inside the glass ball! So, this is certainly a decoration that looks considerably different from most home decorations you will find in stores.

What Functional Housewarming Gifts Could I Gift for the Study?

Does your recipient have a study in his or her new home? If so, there are countless housewarming gifts at Everything but Flowers you could be taking advantage of! Here are some of our personal favourites.

One of our suggestions for the study is the Giftworks Magnetic Sand Timer. This sand timer measures 24cm x 8.5cm and is filled with iron shavings instead of sand. Since the timer has a magnetic base, using the sand timer will lead to some unique and funky shapes. So, while this timer could be a little distracting, it certainly is a beautiful addition to any office desk.

For an office, you could also consider one of the wall clocks in our catalogue. One of the clocks available at Everything but Flowers is the Wall Clock Black & Copper Watch; this is a station-style clock with a timeless design. It also has silent-sweep movement, which means your recipient will not hear this clock ticking at all! In short, a brilliant gift for the study.

Where Can I Find More Housewarming Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers has more housewarming gifts available in its catalogue. So, if you have not found the perfect housewarming gift in our overview, be sure to check some of the other options in our catalogue!

Do you need some advice on housewarming gifts? Or do you have a question about the housewarming presents available at Everything but Flowers? Do not hesitate to contact our expert team, who will more than happy to provide you with the information and advice you need.