‘Things To Do While You Poo’ Toilet Roll

The Most Entertaining Roll of Toilet Paper

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Sometimes you just can’t rush the process, so you may as well be entertained. If you know someone who spends forever sitting on the toilet, then they are sure to appreciate this quirky novelty gift. You’ll be sure to brighten their otherwise boring toilet experience when you give them this fun present. The Things To Do While You Poo’ Toilet Roll has funny brain teaser puzzles printed on every sheet of toilet paper.

With 10 different brain teaser puzzles, the ‘Things To Do While You Poo’ Toilet Roll will give your friend’s brain a work out while sitting on the toilet. The clever toilet-themed brain puzzles include find-a-words, hidden pictures, mazes, and more. This popular adult novelty is a funny gift for all ages. Put one in every toilet for a giggle-worthy toilet break for guests. Find the best new novelty gifts this season at Everything But Flowers.

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