What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

The Funniest Millenial Card Game Ever

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What Do You Meme? It’s the game of hilarious laughter as the strangest photos are paired with the most hilarious captions that will have everyone in stitches. It may be spruked as the game for Millennials but this is hilarious fun for everyone.

It’s so easy to play! Everyone has a hand of caption cards, and when a photo card is dealt for each round; each player plays the caption card they think is the funniest; but are their friends even funnier? That’s for the judge to decide.

Easy to play, full of unlimited laughs, this is a game everyone will enjoy because hanging with friends should always be hilarious we think! We love the ever-growing creation of adult card games that’s taking the world by storm. Such a fun and cool way to create hilarious memories. We’ll deliver our range of adult card games directly to friends and family across Australia and don’t forget our free shipping for orders over $99AU from Everything But Flowers.

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