Mini Arcade Machine

Handheld Retro Arcade-Style Game Console

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Prepare to be addicted to arcade games all over again. This unique gift idea will bring back all the best gaming memories (and create new ones!) for any gamer. Tech loving teens will especially love this mini introduction to classic arcade video games. With authentic 16-bit style, this retro Mini Arcade Machine looks and sounds just like the real thing, only mini! Complete with functioning 8-way joystick controller, function buttons, and realistic artwork, this Mini Arcade Machine will make a fabulous gift. If your gaming nut can manage to put it down, the Mini Arcade Machine makes a great talking point or fun addition to the office desk for gaming-geek executives.

This fun, retro Mini Arcade Machine comes with 240 of the most popular retro 16-bit arcade video games, including a huge selection of puzzles, sports games, shoot-em-ups, and classic arcade-style games. The machine’s 2.5 inch colour TFT screen is backed by an enhanced rear screen light for clear visibility in a range of lighting conditions. The Mini Arcade Machine really is a handheld gaming console (approximately 16.5cm high) but can also be used sitting on a desk or table. The Mini Arcade Machine requires 3 x AA batteries to play (not included). At Everything But Flowers, we love stocking great novelty games and quirky gifts for people of all ages. Make gift shopping easy and get a Mini Arcade Machine that everyone will enjoy playing with.


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Men’s Novelty Presents for Dads Who Love Games!

Everything but Flowers has a lovely selection of men’s novelty presents for gaming dads. We have loads of original options, so if you are looking for something different than a normal PC game or even board game, be sure to check out the recommendations from our men’s presents range below.

What Is the First Suggested Novelty Present for Game-Loving Dads?

One of the suggested games from our men’s presents catalogue is the Mini Arcade Machine. The Mini Arcade Machine from our men’s presents range is a handheld console, filled with vintage arcade games. So, dads who often find themselves bored will appreciate having this portable game.

The Mini Arcade Game from our men’s presents catalogue contains many 16-bit arcade games. The novelty gaming console has a 2.5 inch colour TFT screen, a rear screen light for improved visibility, and even a working joystick. So even though this Mini Arcade Game from our range of men’s presents is pocket size, it works just as well as a full size arcade machine.

What Is the Second Suggested Novelty Present for Game-Loving Dads?

Customers could also consider a poker game set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue. One such a poker set in our Father’s Day presents catalogue is the Games Room Poker Set. Inside this set, your dad will find everything he needs to play poker with friends and family, making it the perfect choice for dads with a love for game night.

The Games Room Poker Set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue contains everything required for a poker night with the boys. It includes two-hundred betting chips, two decks of cards, and a dealer button.

Is your dad not familiar with poker? No problem, because this game set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue also contains an instructions manual. This enables your dad to get familiar with the game in his own time.

What Is the Third Suggested Novelty Present for Game-Loving Dads?

Does your dad prefer funny games instead of the normal board games out there? Everything but Flowers has many funny games inside the Father’s Day presents catalogue; this includes Punderdome, the card game presenting players with some of the world’s worst puns.

Punderdome from our men’s novelty presents catalogue enables players to create the world’s worst jokes! The card game contains two-hundred double-sided cards, each containing prompts to create some bad puns. Needless to say, this unique and funny game from our men’s novelty presents collection will entertain dad and his friends for many hours.

What Is the Fourth Suggested Novelty Present for Game-Loving Dads?

If dad prefers a classic drinking game, be sure to consider one of the drinking games available in our men’s novelty presents catalogue. We have several options available, but none is probably as classic as Shot Glass Roulette.

Shot Glass Roulette is a combination of a drinking game and the popular casino game French roulette. However, instead of winning money on this game, you win a shot. So, anyone who loves to play roulette, but also likes to have fun at a party will thoroughly enjoy this modern take on roulette.

What Is the Fifth Suggested Novelty Present for Game-Loving Dads?

One of the most commonly bought games for dads is a pack of cards; this is certainly not a surprise, since many dads enjoy a good card game with friends and family. To make these card games extra special for dad, Everything but Flowers offers a pack of cards nobody will forget.

The Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards Set is undoubtedly one of the fanciest decks of cards you will find. The set contains fifty-two playing cards and two jokers, and each card is covered with twenty-four karat gold plating. Naturally, this makes each of the cards quite unique.

In addition to being covered in twenty-four karat gold, the cards inside this set also have a special back to them. The back of the card is embellished with a replica of a hundred dollar bank note, which certainly leaves a lasting impression for everyone who plays with these cards.

To ensure the presentation is on point too, Everything but Flowers provides these playing cards in a stunning presentation box. Of course, this box can also be used to store his valuable playing cards when he is not playing.

What Other Novelty Presents Could I Consider for Game-Loving Dads?

We have many other options for game-loving dads, so if you require more inspiration, we are sure you will get more ideas by checking out our catalogue. Check out some of our additional options such as Adult Charades, the Retro Pocket Game Console, and Royal Bingo. We are sure there will be an option your dad will adore.

Do not forget to check out other categories for Father’s Day too. Everything but Flowers has already supplemented its catalogue with tons of new gifts!