Retro Pocket Game Console

Cool 80s Style Handheld Gaming Console

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The kids are asking for a handheld gaming console and you’re not sure what to buy? Look no further! The ultimate, portable game console is back in stock from the 80s retro collection! You can’t improve on perfection. This classic Retro Pocket Game Console features the most loved 8-bit retro arcade games. Modern gamers will love playing these classic video games, and anyone that owned one of these as a kid will think all their Christmases have come at once when they get this awesome gift. Bring back memories of retro space invaders, frog jump, and the original racing car games. They’ll love it!

The Retro Pocket Game Console recreates over 150 fantastic 8-bit games using the latest electronic technology. It even manages to capture the characteristic sound of these great games. Young kids, teens, and adults will all get a kick out of this cool pocket game controller. The Retro Pocket Game Console features characteristic 80s soft-touch buttons, built-in speakers, and retro 1.8 inch LCD screen. This really is a pocket sized, travel game console. And with a slot for a keyring attachment, your gaming friend will never need to leave the house without their Nintendo-substitute. This is super cool gaming gadget that will impress even the fussiest gift recipient. Find the best gifts ideas for every member of the family at Everything But Flowers.

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