Disturbed Friends (This Game Should Be Banned)

Are Your Friends More Disturbed Than You?

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If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for friends and family who are unethical, totally strange and don’t mind a bit of offensive language then Disturbed Friends (This Game Should Be Banned) is just the thing you’ve been looking for!

They’ll uncover what their friends think of them and each other in the most twisted way possible. Simply ask a question from the game card and provide the multiple choice answers.. .then as their friends vote on the answer they think is true, well….. what they uncover about each other might come as a shock, but is bound to be hilarious!

Unethical, disgusting, politically incorrect, this game is every one of those and more, but we reckon everyone has a friend who will enjoy playing it. We love adult card games here at Everything But Flowers, because we all deserve to get up to mischief sometimes.

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