Cards Against Humanity AU Edition 2.0

Politically Incorrect Fun Aussie Style

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Know someone a little horrible? Ok, they don’t really have to be horrible; but being a little twisted will definitely help! This is the party game for horrible people, and it’s all sorts of wrong but oh so hilarious to play!

An entire game built around politically incorrect satire, if your friends have got a twisted sense of humour, then Cards Against Humanity is guaranteed to be a winner! Originally funded on kickstarter, this edition is fabulously Australian, with around 15% of the content having been adapted for unique Aussie quirks, sayings and icons.

When it comes to adult party gifts, Cards Against Humanity truly is the original and just one of a wide range of games in stock and available at Everything But Flowers, ready to deliver directly to their door from our Sydney warehouse. Gift them the Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition and they’ll never forget!

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