Cork Cactus Desk Tidy

Cute, Useful Cactus Without the Maintenance

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Not only is this cactus cute, it’s super useful. This petite desk organiser is just the right size for keeping office supplies, notes, and knick-knacks out the way. The Suck UK Cork Cactus Desk Tidy is also maintenance-free, unlike real cacti. And this adorable desk addition isn’t even a little sharp!

The Suck UK Cork Cactus Desk Tidy measures 7 x 13cm. The cactus-shaped cork comes away from the terra cotta pot, revealing more storage space for a variety of items.

This cute little novelty gift is the perfect way to help a friend or coworker celebrate a new office, a new job, or a well-deserved promotion. Take time to explore Everything But Flowers to find neat office gifts, novelty presents, and more!

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