Bullshit Button

Call the Bullshit with this handy button!

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Excuses and plain lies can be heard of in various situations such as meetings and conversations everywhere, may it be in the office or at home. It comes with a convenient Velcro backing that enables you to attach it to your car and use to reply to back-seat drivers.

This Bullsh*t Button alerts through a loud built-in speaker and red light that illuminates with a bullsh*t response in 5 ways when pressed: 1. Oh come on now, that ain't even bullsh*t, that's horse shit! 2. (Siren) Warning, warning, bullsh*t alert! 3. (Beep) That was bullsh*t! 4. (Siren) Bullsh*t detected, take precautions! 5. (Siren) Bullsh*t level death con 5!

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Bullshit Button

Kris Kringle is an activity which will surely bring fun and delight to a group of people who have always liked doing special traditions during Christmas. Also known as the Secret Santa, this gift-giving activity is a way to welcome the year’s Christmas season. During Kris Kringle, people pick out one name through a draw lots. Names of the members who wish to join are on the paper. Whomever you pick out would be the one who will be receiving your presents until the Kris Kringle ends.

One of our recommendations is this Bullshit Button, which is sure to bring laughter amongst your friends and colleagues. Suitable as Kris Kringle Christmas presents, these Bullshit Buttons are available here at Everything But Flowers.

Novelty Items as Kris Kringle Christmas Presents

If you think that it is already stressful to pick out presents for your friends and family who are dear to you, wait until you have got to think of Kris Kringle Christmas presents to give to people who are not really that close to you. Kris Kringle is that time of the year when people in the same group try to make a bonding activity to strengthen their relationship as a group during the Yuletide season. With a price range and a theme to follow, sometimes you would really run out of ideas on what to buy to make your present something special. What could you give someone whom you barely had a conversation with? Will he like it? Will he get offended? For something that is sure to bring laughter to the recipient and to the people around, do not forget to include the Bullshit Button in your list of Kris Kringle Christmas presents!

Novelty gifts are a sure hit during Kris Kringle because these items are unique and fun. Most of them are quite useful in some of our daily activities as well. If novelty items are your choice of presents for your annual Kris Kringle in your office or at home, then you should definitely check out our Bullshit Button. One of the ideal Kris Kringle Christmas presents to people who love pranks, this item is sure to give a joker another way to play tricks on people.

When to Announce Bullshits

Lame excuses and plain lies are pretty common in different situations in our work places or at home. This button will surely lighten up the mood in your office or at home if used at the right timing. With a convenient Velcro backing, this button can also be attached to your car and be used during road trips. Being small in size, these buttons are really great Kris Kringle Christmas presents!

Just make sure that there are no kids around because this Bullshit Button sure knows how to explicitly announce one’s lie. It alerts through a loud built-in speaker and a red light shall illuminate when pressed. With the built-in speaker, the Bullshit Button can give you one of the five available responses:

1.    Oh come on now, that ain’t even bullshit, that’s horse shit!
2.    (Siren Sound) WARNING! WARNING! Bullshit alert!
3.    (Beep Sound) That was bullshit!
4.    (Siren Sound) Bullshit detected, take precautions!
5.    (Siren sound) Bullshit level death con 5!

Use the Bullshit Button to make your drinking games more exciting! Use it in playing the Cheat card game. In this game played by 2 to 10 players, the aim is to get rid of all of your cards the fastest. In his turn, each player discards one facedown while calling out the card’s rank. However, that player can say the real rank of the card or lie about it. If the other players think it is the latter, then he will have to press the Bullshit Button to announce the player’s lie.

Not only is this button usable in card and drinking games. Feel free to use this in conversations and informal meetings especially when there is someone who talks a lot of rubbish. Perfect as Kris Kringle Christmas presents, give these to your friends, family, colleagues, or associates who do not take any rubbish statement from people.

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In this season of gift giving, giving up on Christmas shopping is never an option. Do yourself a favour and visit our pages at Everything But Flowers. Buy this Bullshit Button now!

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