How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book

A humorous Look At A Wife's Life

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What do you get when you cross children’s book artwork with clever, witty writing? The Ladybird Adult Books range that’s what! This hilarious range of titles features iconic imagery from children’s reader books from the original Ladybird range, and thanks to the hilarious writing from Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, promises page after page of laughter.

How It Works: The Wife, is a hilarious look at marriage and features a range of cleverly written narrative exploring the humorous side of marriage and the life of a wife. When it comes to funny gifts, Everything But Flowers has you covered and we know this is one hilarious.

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How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book

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Looking for something to give to your friend or colleague? Consider buying novelty presents like this book: “How it Works: The Wife Ladybird Book”.

What topics do the “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird book” tackle?

Do you still recall the classic Ladybird titles that you used to read back when you were still a child? Stories like Mick the Disobedient Dog or Tasseltip and the Boozle have taught you some of the most valuable lessons in life that you still carry today. Adults no longer need to feel jealous, because the Ladybird classics has branched off to cater to the mature audience. Here, the books were illustrated the way the classic children’s books will appear but now deals with topics that adults can certainly relate to.

Novelty presents like the “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird book” are perfect for women who are already experiencing the joys and woes of marriage. The book is a product of the sharp minds and pens of Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. It provides a hilarious perspective on being married and the unforgettable experience of handling the responsibility of a homemaker. Every wife should be able to get this book as novelty presents, which will serve as a means of relaxation after a long, tiring day.

A closer look at the authors of “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book”

The writers of this great book, Hazeley and Morris, have already established an outstanding track record prior to writing the bestseller series. They are also behind the great TV shows Screen Wipe, the Armstrong and Miller Show, and That Mitchell & Webb Look. They have also ventured into making films, they were behind the success of the film Paddington.

Hazeley and Morris desired to make a collection of books that will enable the grown-ups to better understand the world they live in. Morris says that they are quite eager to utilise the classic Ladybird illustrations to these novelty presents which will make the reader feel like as if they are time-travelling back to the 60’s while learning about the highs and lows of being an adult.

Why is the “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book” one of the greatest novelty presents you will ever buy?

The “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book” is just part of a large collection of titles written by Morris and Hazeley that aims to entertain and educate adults on what it really means to be a grown-up. Other titles include “How It Works: The Husband”, “The Ladybird Book of Dating”, “The Book of the Hipster” and “The Book of Mindfulness”. Morris and Hazeley wisely tackled the fears we all have as grown-ups: getting old, being alone and not being able to achieve our dreams. Dating people was defined as an enjoyable way of getting to know someone who is also scared of dying alone like you do. These titles were released to commemorate 100 years of success achieved by Ladybird in the industry in 2015.

If you want a brief teaser of the fun you’ll get from buying this as novelty presents, a section of “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book” dwells on a woman talking about her responsibilities in the home, what she is required and not required to do. She even asks if there a manual exists so that wives can go about their lives easier. The big and clear text, the meticulous choice of words, and the great matching of words with the illustrations truly make the “How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book” one of the best novelty presents you can give to the special women in your life.

Before giving novelty presents like this to your friends, tell them to make sure they have already done the tasks that they have planned for the day or else they might spend the day indulged in it. This book is better than any regular self-help book you can find in the Psychology section in the bookstore. Once they get to start reading this wonderful book, they will surely have a hard time putting it down!

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