Product Substitutes

We make every effort to have stock available of all items, however in certain circumstances where an item may not be available, Everything But Flowers reserve the right to substitute those products with a replacement item guaranteed to be equal or greater value than the original item.Please be aware some of the packaging may no longer be available and whilst the product may be the same or similar, it may look different to the photograph on our website.


For photographic purposes some products have been featured with additional props. These props are not included in the gift boxes. Unless an item is listed, it is not included in the hamper.
We are in the process of changing our product photos at present so we urge you to read the substitution policy above and call us if you have any questions or concerns. 1300 30 54 30.


It can be hard to find a good No Alcohol Hamper sometimes. But Everything But Flowers knows this, and we have come up with a good selection for all your needs. Maybe you wish to get something simple, for that we have our Entertainer Gourmet Hamper. Have a friend who considers themselves a bit of a food connoisseur? Send them an International Foodies Hamper and they will be sure to thank you. For the person with a sweet tooth, we have The Sweetest Of Gift Hampers. All these Hampers are made with No Alcohol so don’t hesitate to get one.

Men Hampers with No Alcohol

The right presents for men show how much you appreciate and know them. The best kind of gift makes him feel special and well-regarded, which is why it’s important that you buy a gift that reflects their interests, personality, and tastes. Men Hampers With No Alcohol are a great option for friends and family who don’t indulge in alcohol, who don’t have the time to drink, or who already have a solid wine collection! Everything But Flowers offers a variety of hampers that can be paired with alcohol, or can definitely be enjoyed on their own.

Why Should You Choose Men Hampers With No Alcohol?

Wine gifts aren’t the only gifts that you can give to the men in your life. You can be more creative and original by giving a hamper with no alcohol. It’s a great way to tell your friends and your family that you appreciate their presence in your life and that you value their company. You can give them the experience of indulging in life’s sweets without the alcohol. 
Giving men hampers with no alcohol is also a great way to encourage employees and to appreciate co-workers at the next corporate event. People are more motivated to work when they feel like they’re special. Men Hampers with No Alcohol are the perfect kind of presents for men at work because they are the right balance of reward and professionalism.
They are also an excellent choice for saying thank you to a client. You can help develop relationships with the right choice of gift hamper. 

About Men Hampers With No Alcohol

There are a lot of options to choose from. The Entertainment Gourmet includes gourmet nibbles like Partridges Artisan Bakehouse Black Pepper Crackers and Brewer’s Nut Company Premium Nut Mix. It’s the perfect gift for a guy who loves to unwind and chill out on a Saturday afternoon. Or you can try the Sweet Bites Gift Hamper, which is tailor-made for the guy in your life with a sweet tooth. The decadent and sumptuous crisps are a great way to punctuate a meal. The hamper includes beautifully packaged treats like the Maison Fossier French Galettes Saint Remi and Butlers Dark Chocolate Caramels. 
There are also presents for men who are flavour enthusiasts. The Summer Seafood BBQ Hamper is perfect for men who love to eat seafood and who enjoy grilling. The hamper includes premium seafood spices, marinades, rubs and different crackers. If you’re looking to indulge someone you truly trust and appreciate, give them the worldly gourmet experience with the International Foodies Hamper. The hamper includes Pollastrini Sardines from Italy, Pork Terrine from France, Jules Des Trooper sweets from Belgium, and other flavours from Venezuela and England.

Where to Get Men Hampers with No Alcohol and Presents for Men

All of these amazing options for presents for men can be found through the online shop Everything But Flowers. Find these indulgent Men Hampers With No Alcohol online, and get them shipped for free (for orders above $99). Or you can choose to buy other presents, like the savoury men hampers or novelty books for men. This is an awesome opportunity to show your appreciation and love, so don’t forget to personalise your presents with a card!