Amalfi Jardin Candle

French for Garden, Let Sweetness Fill the Air.

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This delightful geometric print ceramic jar featuring the Jardin highly fragranced candle from Amalfi will look stunning in the bedroom or lounge as delicate scents fill the air. From the French word meaning garden, the Jardin candle highlights Amalfis famous attention to detail when producing stunning homeware gifts.

Measuring 8 x 15 cm this beautiful candle offers a 40 hour burn time, providing hours of luxurious fragrance in any home. We think this candle range from Amalfi makes perfect mothers day presents, anniversary gifts, or just gifts for her when you want to say thank you.

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Mother's day gift ideas for women with refined taste

Has your Mum ever been described as particular or picky? She may be a discerning woman with her taste in clothes and home dcor, so perhaps you need help with Mother's day gift ideas if you're not sure what could match her special tastes.

Something for the home

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In our Women's section, we have minimalistic gifts, such as the Amalfi Jardin Candle, which sits inside a beautiful black and white ceramic jar that she might keep on her shelf long after the gorgeous scented candle has burned out. For more Mother's Day gift ideas, how about checking out our vases, or our homewares section with extremely attractive household gifts.

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