George Fetting Teaches Portrait Photography One-to-One: Private 3 Hours Portrait Photography Skills Workshop SYD

Practical, Relaxed & Informative, 3 hours

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Know someone who loves photography and dreams of taking better photos of their friends, family or pets? This wonderful one on one workshop offers participants the chance to improve their portrait photography skills under the instruction of renowned photographer George Fetting.

With five portraits held as part of the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection; and his very own coin, George Fetting has won numerous national and international awards over more than two decades of photography. He will work with students to develop a deeper understanding of their camera and techniques and skills to take their portrait photography to the next level.

Whether it's for hobby or to take their photography to the next level toward becoming professional; your lucky gift recipient will be soaking up knowledge from one of Australia's most renowned photographers - a rare and lovely gift to give.

For this course, students will need to have their own Digital SLR (DSLR) camera with interchangeable lenses and know their way around the manual settings of their camera. It is expected that students have some technical skill in order to gain the most from their time with George.

Course requirements:

Your DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses with full manual capability


Memory card(s)


Fully charged camera battery and spare


Reflector if you have one

Your camera’s manual(s) - for referencing those hard to find features

Any of your prints or shots you wish to discuss

Studio Location Inner West Sydney NSW.

Session details: 
George will share his knowledge and experience with students to help them develop the fundamental skills and techniques of portraiture photography. He covers subjects such as how to communicate effectively with your subject - an important part of being able to implement your artistic ideas as a photographer. He'll also discuss how to connect with your subject so that their character & personality can show through and be captured in the images. Also covered are practical photography skills that are necessary to achieve the best portraits possible.
The aim of this course is to leave students feeling confident to produce portraits with impact.

An outstanding portrait can be thought provoking, challenging, enlightening, powerful & disturbing but it is not about the photographer, it’s about the subject.

  • Presentation of  Portrait Work by George Fetting
  • Portraiture genres & what they mean examples of each style of portrait
  • Preparing for shoot, including camera gear required, run down on memory, pixels, file sizes, storage etc.
  • Preparing to shoot
  • Making the creative decisions processes & implementation & use of creative tools
  • Exposure control – exposing for highlight & for shadows
  • Creating mood / atmosphere, high & low contrast techniques
  • White balance techniques for accurate colour and how it affects the image
  • Working with depth & movement
  • Creative & technical aspects of composition, lighting and framing techniques
  • Lens selection
  • Background selection
  • Portrait lighting techniques
  • Lighting styles & directions, how to diffuse/ bounce light
  • Contrast control & lighting ratios
  • Using scrims & reflectors
  • Interacting with your subject, communicating, directing, positioning & actualisation of your photographic concept.
  • Environmental portraiture - working within the environment
  • Working within any lighting environment
  • Using flash on location, fill flash techniques
  • Lighting – best times - find the best light
  • Posing that looks natural
  • Framing the image & composition
  • Focal length & lens choice
  • ISO what’s it about
  • JPEG & RAW what’s the difference
  • Aperture & understanding Depth of Field
  • Helpful advice and friendly feedback on your work.
  • Session is 3 hours duration 

Whether you are taking portraits of family and friends, for business, or to produce creative portraits for exhibitions, it is important to understand the tools and qualities that make portraiture compelling and memorable.

MODEL: Included in the course fee


Terms & Conditions:

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  • Cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 48 hours applies. Failure to provide this notice may result in cancellation of session; no-show voids voucher
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Every mum wants to take pictures of her children, grandchildren, friends, and family. After all, a picture preserves a special moment in time. Photos allow us to travel back into our memories, to savour events long past, and to remember our loved ones. Perhaps this is why photography is an art enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Our One-on-One Private Photography Workshop in Sydney is relaxing and informative, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mum who wants to hone her photography skills. Whether she’s retired and looking for a creative outlet, a mum who wants to take great pictures of her family, or a woman embarking on a new photography career, this Mother’s Day give the gift of art.

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After this 3-hour workshop, your mother will be ready to take killer portraits of everyone in the family! If she’s about to be a grandmother again or for the first time, she can prepare for the little one by learning how to capture those earliest moments of life with her camera.

Mother's Day Gifts for Creative Mums

Perhaps more than any other art, photography speaks to people. It’s an accessible art. Whether you only have a mobile phone or own a DSLR, it just takes a moment to snap a few photos. And with the invention of digital cameras and memory cards, it’s easy to keep taking photos until you have that perfect shot. But with some tips and pointers from photography expert George Fetting, your mum’s photography can go from good to great in only 3-hours.

Whether she’s stretching her photography muscles as a creative outlet to be enjoyed privately or seeking to become a professional photographer, Fetting will offer indispensable advice. This Mother’s Day gift is both thoughtful and creative. And because the course is one-on-one, your mum will really be able to dig into her photography with Fetting.

Who is George Fetting?

George Fetting is an Australian photographer, best known for his travel and portrait photography. Since the beginning of his career, he’s won a wide variety of esteemed prizes and awards for his incredible photography. Five of his portraits are part of a permanent collection at Australia’s National Portrait Gallery. This makes him uniquely qualified to teach this incredible one-on-one photography workshop. So what are you waiting for? Give your mum this amazing Mother’s Day gift.