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It can be difficult to keep a home filled with amazing fragrances around the clock without battling with toxic sprays and messy candles and burners; which is why we adore these reed diffusers from The Aromatherapy Co.

Founded in New Zealand in 1990, this amazing company is a world leader in home fragrances; with a focus on pure and natural products that are good for our homes and our senses. We love the Milieu range of perfectly layered scents, and especially love this clever reed diffuser that works perfectly all day and night to distribute just the right intensity of fragrance into the air.

The Vanilla and Wild Peach aromas will fill her home with sentiments of desserts and sweet treats; creating an atmosphere of warmth and sweetness throughout the room. The 200ml diffuser is perfectly presented with a gloss black bottle.

A wonderful Mother’s Day gift to show you care; we really do think these fragrances make the perfect present for mum no matter the occasion. At Everything But Flowers we do our best to stock a range that has everyone covered no matter their tastes or your budget.

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Uncover Quality Aromatherapy Gifts from the Presents for Women Range!

Whether you need a Mother’s Day present, birthday presents, or presents for women in general, Everything but Flowers always has you covered. If you currently need some original presents for women, be sure to read on, because below you will find our finest aromatherapy releases, which are suitable as Mother’s Day presents and birthday presents.

Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach Diffuser

The Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach Diffuser is the ideal Mother’s Day present, because this aromatherapy option allows women to benefit from a delightful home fragrance without all the mess that accompanies waxes and flames. 

Reed diffusers always make a good Mother’s Day present, because these diffusers allow women to release a constant fragrance into their home. These reed diffusers from our range of Mother’s Day presents will soak up the fragrance oil perfectly, and then disperse the amazing scent into the air. 

A Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach Diffuser is the ideal gift from our presents for women range if the special women in your life enjoys a nice fragrance in her home, but does not have the time to keep an eye on a candle all the time. Does this sound like your recipient? Then be sure to grab this Milieu diffuser from our presents for women range.

Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser

Do you like our Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach diffuser, but would you like some additional birthday presents for a special woman in your life? If this is the case, you could take advantage of other aromatherapy fragrances from the Aromatherapy Company, which can all be found in our range of exquisite birthday presents.

One of the other aromatherapy fragrances from the Aromatherapy Company is the Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser, an excellent aromatherapy options from our birthday presents range. This aromatherapy option is the perfect fragrance blend of elegance and balance, which means this diffuser is perfect to feel a little more relaxed, but also to diffuse a nice fragrance in your home.

The Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle

If your recipient prefers aromatherapy candles over diffusers, you will still find suitable options in our extensive range of aromatherapy options. In addition to the Milieu diffusers, customers can find the Jonathan Adler aromatherapy candles in our range, which could be a delightful surprise for your aromatherapy-loving recipient.

Jonathan Adler is a name that is not only synonymous with aromatherapy candles though, because Jonathan Adler is a designer brand that also releases unique cushions, throws and vases. So, if you know someone who is a real fan of this designer, then you simply cannot afford to miss out on the Jonathan Adler candles in our extensive range.

One of the Jonathan Adler candles available in our exquisite range is the Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle. The Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle features a delightful aroma of gin, lime and pink grapefruits. There are also some subtle fragrance undertones; this includes musk, lime and cilantro. 

The Vodka Pop Candle has a lifespan of 45 hours and has been hand poured to ensure superior quality. The candle is also presented in a beautiful silver vessel, which means this candle can be a delightful home decoration as well.

The Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle

When there is a special woman in your life, someone who enjoys everything that is bourbon, we can certainly recommend the Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle. The Bourbon Pop Candle will fill any room with delightful aromas of Bourbon, Cognac, Leather and Plum. Therefore, this candle is an excellent option for anyone with a love for rich fragrances.

Like all other Jonathan Adler candles in our range, the Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle is hand poured. The candle is placed in a beautiful vessel with a copper finish, making the candle suitable for many traditional interiors. 

The Jonathan Adler Absinthe Pop Candle

If you need an original candle for a younger woman, the Jonathan Adler Absinthe Pop Candle may be the recommended choice. The Jonathan Adler Absinthe Pop Candle is based on the exotic drink absinthe, and therefore deliver the exotic scent that is commonly associated with this drink.

In addition to an absinthe fragrance, the recipient will undoubtedly enjoy other aromatic notes that can be detected from this candle; this includes fennel, patchouli, anise and eucalyptus. The candle is also placed in a stunning vessel, which makes the candle suitable for all types of interiors.

The Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper

Customers can also find great aromatherapy options in our range of hampers. One of these hampers is the Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper, which contains some additional items on top of the aromatherapy inside this hamper.

In addition to the popular Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser, the Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper contains other items that may help a woman to relax; this includes the Peony Print Hot and Cold Therapy Pack. This hot and cold therapy pack can be used to soothe any aching muscles, but it can also deal with cramps and headaches. Therefore, every woman should have a hot and cold therapy pack in her home.

Inside the Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper, the recipient can also find some rose soap confetti. These confetti’s can be added to your bathtub, and create a relaxing and unforgettable bathing experience. 

Naturally, our Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper also contains some delicious treats; including some Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses and French Vanilla Almonds from Morgan’s. So, no matter which product your recipient comes across first, it will always be a welcome surprise.

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Would you like to see more aromatherapy options in our range of presents for women? Head over to our search window and type in aromatherapy to get an overview of all our available products. 

Alternatively, if you need more inspiration for a birthday or Mother’s Day present, you could also head to our main range of gifts and check out some of our ideas. Do you need more help? Do not hesitate the Everything but Flowers team for some personalised advice.