Chrysanthemum Teapot with Filter

Treat Her To Time Out With Tea

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There's nothing more soothing than a relaxing herbal tea; and this beautiful teapot not only helps create delicious tea but it looks stunning too. It is sure to impress the tea-loving Mum when presented beautifully as a Mother's Day gift this year. It's ideal for birthdays and other special events too.

What a great gift this stylish glass chrysanthemum teapot with filter makes for the special ones in your circle, or even for yourself. It is the perfect vessel for the best herbal or traditional tea with so many different brews to choose from and this stylish pot pours up to three cups at a time.

Everything but Flowers make tea tippling time different with this glass chrysanthemum teapot with fusion filter, and it is supplied in a beautiful gift box. The perfect gift for the tea lover.

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Why beautiful glassware is a precious gift for women this Mother's Day

When you think of washing up, think of how your body eases up when it comes to washing glassware. We move slowly, watch where we put it to dry and clean it gently. This is because it breaks so easily and so often, and that's why glassware needs to be constantly replaced. Which is why glassware makes great gifts for women!

Different kinds of glassware to buy as gifts for women for Mother's Day

What kind of drinks do your female friends and relatives drink? This will influence what glassy gifts for women you buy them. If they like wine, then buy them pretty wine glasses. They're the most likely to break, since they are often delicate with long stems so lots of room for error!

A more unusual glassware gift for women is our Chrysanthemum Teapot With Filter. It's an extremely elegant present for women who are tea lovers. Give them this and you'll get top marks! It has an infuser that sits inside the pot, into which she can put her regular her herbal tea or make her own unique infusions it allows for plenty of experimentation.

What kind of glassware makes the most useful gifts for women?

Wine glasses are mostly used at home, alongside tall glasses without stems for soft drinks or longer cocktails like a gin & tonic. Check out our glassware gifts for women. We have gorgeous hi-ball, champagne and shot glasses. We also have plenty of fun-looking Anna Gare tumblers for kids' drinks, which make extremely useful gifts for women who are mothers.

Wine drinkers may also use decanters, though they're less likely to break and need replacing. However finding an exquisite decanter will make a wonderful gift for women who appreciate wine. The finest are made from crystal, though you can get modern, beautifully designed decanters which are wonderful gifts for women who are stylish and minimalistic.

Is there any glassware you should avoid as gifts for women?

The value and pleasure from glassware doesn't have any specific price tag. You can buy low-cost glasses that have high value in their design. We have many pretty glassware items, such as our Natasha Vase Set Blue, which are pretty and suit you if you're on a budget. They make lovely gifts for women, even though they're kind to your pocket!

No matter the occasion, if it's a Mother's Day gift for mum, Valentine's day gift for your girlfriend or wife, or simply a beautiful gift for a friend; Everything But Flowers has you covered with Australia's most impressive range of online gifts Australia has to offer.