Chicken Egg Keeper Basket

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The perfect gift for the kitchen for the backyard chicken keeper or the person who loves to bake, this is the cutest ever egg basket to keep all their eggs organised at room temperature, just as it's recommended they should be. 

Beautifully crafted from black metal wire for a rustic country look, the chicken's wings cleverly fold up to become handles in this fun basket. A country inspired gift for the kitchen that's the perfect gift for Mother's Day or just for the home chef. Take advantage of our ever-growing range of kitchen gifts in stock and ready to be delivered Australia-wide.  Don't forget we offer free shipping for orders over $99AU so it's the perfect time to spoil her!

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<p><b>What makes the Hen House Egg Keeper such a great gift?</b></p>

<p>Mothers Day is drawing closer by the day, do you have a great gift for your mum? If not, consider our Hen House Egg Keeper. This retro kitchen accessory is as cute as it is useful, making it a wonderful gift for mums everywhere. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to any decor, this ceramic egg keeper will keep your eggs safe, sound, and ready for any recipe.</p>

<p><b>Where should eggs be stored?</b></p>

<p>For decades the debate has raged: do you store eggs in the refrigerator or do you store eggs at room temperature? For some, storing eggs in a refrigerator is simply a matter of habit. For others, its to protect the eggs from bacteria. However, the answer boils down to two simple factors: whether the eggs are washed and if the eggs were previously refrigerated.</p>

<p>When an egg is washed, a protective, thin outer layer is washed away, leaving the egg vulnerable to bacteria. The washed egg then requires refrigeration to stop or slow the growth of harmful bacteria. Eggs should also be refrigerated if they were refrigerated at any other point in the supply chain. If the eggs are refrigerated and then left at room temperature, this can cause the eggs to mould. Yuck!</p>

<p>Most countries do not wash eggs on a large, commercial scale. So whether you buy your eggs off the shelf at a grocery store or from a local farmer, your eggs should most likely be stored at room temperature or in a slightly cool area. If youre unsure, ask your local egg supplier.</p>

<p><b>Why is ceramic practical for egg storage?</p></b>

<p>Due to its many traits, ceramic items are perfect for use in the kitchen. In this case, ceramic is ideal for keeping your eggs at the perfect temperature. With a low thermal conductivity, this wonderfully retro Hen House Egg Keeper will keep your eggs at a consistent, cool temperature outside of the refrigerator. Items with low thermal conductivity are often used for their thermal insulation. In other words, ceramic limits the transfer of heat.</p>

<p>In this Hen House Egg Keeper, your eggs will sit safely on your counter, organized and ready to be used in any number of egg-based dishes. Or if you still prefer to store your eggs in the refrigerator, the Hen House Egg Keeper will keep your eggs safe from absorbing other food smells, as eggs tend to do when kept in the refrigerator.</p>

<p><b>Why give the Hen House Egg Keeper to your mum this Mothers Day?</b></p>

<p>Mothers all over the world do their best to raise their children, while also maintaining a clean, safe household. As a thoughtful Mothers Day gift, you couldnt do better than this beautiful Hen House Egg Keeper. The vintage and rustic design fits perfectly in a retro kitchen. Its also a cute way to add a cosy touch to a modern kitchen. Either way, your mum will love this useful kitchen accessory.</p>