White Bamboo Breakfast Tray

Breakfast in bed just got more stylish.

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Ready to treat Mum to a super stylish breakfast in bed for Mother's Day this year? We've got the perfect gift idea. Crafted from Bamboo, which is a fast growing, sustainable resource that's kind to the earth, and finished in a clean, crisp white finish, Mum is going to love this beautiful bamboo breakfast tray.

At Everything But Flowers, we've tracked down Australia's best Mother's Day gifts that are not only useful to Mum that are beautiful too. We'll deliver this beautiful breakfast tray directly to Mum's door, and you can take advantage of our premium gift wrapping service to make your online gift shopping as easy as can be.

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Need Mother’s Day gifts for a mum that loves to stay home?

Stylish. Sturdy. Simple. These are just a few adjectives that describe this elegant, Davis & Waddell White Bamboo Breakfast Tray. From one of Australia’s leading kitchen and homeware brands, comes one of our top Mother’s Day gifts! We love this tray because it’s as useful as it is stylish.

Think outside the breakfast!

Though we highly encourage your mum to use this White Bamboo Breakfast Tray for a nice, relaxing breakfast in bed, it’s perfect for a number of other uses. Having dinner in front of the television? Sit on the couch and set your dinner on this sturdy tray. Tired of holding your laptop on your lap? Turn your breakfast tray into a portable desk.

No matter what room in which your mum chooses to use her bamboo tray, the simple white design will match perfectly well. So your mum can choose to display this elegant tray, perhaps using it to hold a floral arrangement. Or, if she prefers, she can fold the legs into the back of the tray and store it for later use. This ease of storage makes it a fantastic Mother’s Day gift for mums with limited space or mothers that hate clutter.

How does your mum take care of this Mother’s Day gift?

Bamboo is fairly easy to maintain and keep in good condition. First and foremost, we recommend limiting the tray’s exposure to direct sunlight. It’s best if the tray is kept inside. After every use, clean the tray. And if you live in a dry environment, make sure to clean it with a damp cloth once a week. This will prevent the tray from becoming overly dry and cracking.

For hard-to-remove spots or a heavily-soiled surface, use a drop of gentle detergent and a bit of water. The tray will be like new in no time! With regular cleaning and maintenance, this is a Mother’s Day gift that will last years to come.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant native to the tropics. It grows all over the world and has been used for thousands of years for various purposes. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree. It’s actually a type of woody grass! But like a tree, the wood can be harvested to make furniture, homes, and utensils. Unlike a tree, bamboo shoots can also be eaten. This versatile plant can even be used to make textiles.


Tensile strength is the amount of force it takes to pull a material to its breaking point. Why is that important? Because bamboo wood has a tensile strength comparable to steel! Is it any surprise, then, that bamboo makes a great construction material? In addition to being sturdy, the use of bamboo, as opposed to other types of wood, is environmentally friendly. Because it’s the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo replenishes itself quickly and efficiently.