Taste Mug Set Navy

Give Mum The Gift of Sweet Relaxation

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This lovely navy mug, has a striking contrasting white pattern and internal glazing that adds a touch of elegance. Along with the navy glazed spoon and white saucer, this little set will become one of Mum's favourites without a doubt. An ideal Mother's Day gift idea for those who enjoy a warming cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate after a long day.

Beautifully presented from Davis & Waddell, this three piece set is available now in our Sydney warehouse and ready to be delivered direct. Take advantage of our premium gift wrapping service to make your Mother's day gift shopping as easy as can be.

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Does your mum need a nice, new mug as a Mother’s Day gift?

A mug is just a mug, right? Wrong. A mug is a special vessel for delivering the most delicious of hot beverages. Have you ever noticed that your coworkers tend to drink out of the same mug every day? I’m sure you can pick out your favourite mug at home. Our Davis & Waddell Mug in Navy Blue is a superb Mother’s Day gift for a mother that enjoys a nice, hot drink from time to time. Before she knows it, she’ll only want to drink out of this cute mug.

A contemporary, navy blue mug:

Davis & Waddell have done it again with their gorgeous Mug in Navy Blue. This charming mug is as functional as it is cute. The mug is designed in a calming, deep navy blue. Accentuating the night sky colour, bright white lines in staggered diagonals create movement like stars as the move across the heavens. Contemporary and cool, this Mother’s Day gift is great for working mums, stay at home mothers, and everyone in between.

A useful, matching spoon:

With the mug, your mum will find a cute little spoon. Also in navy blue, the spoon is appropriately sized for adding sugar to tea, cream to coffee, or mixing whatever your mum desires! The genius design of this mug means your mother won’t lose this lovely little accessory. When the mug is in storage, the spoon fits perfectly into a slot in the handle. By keeping the set so perfectly together, your mum will always have a spoon handy.

A crisp white saucer for treats:

In addition to an adorable spoon, this Davis & Waddell mug comes with a small, white saucer. Does your mum enjoy a biscuit or a few sweets with her hot drink? This little saucer is sized to fit just a taste of something sweet. Like the spoon, this saucer is easy to store with the mug. Just nestle the saucer in the mouth of the mug or set the mug on top of the saucer, keeping all 3 pieces together, safe and sound.

This Mother’s Day gift is the whole package.

Davis & Waddell is one of Australia’s leading kitchenware brands for a reason: they know style and they know functionality. This 3-piece set promises to make your mum’s first cup of coffee as good as the last. What are you waiting for? Davis & Waddell’s Mug in Navy Blue is waiting for your mum in our Sydney warehouse right now!

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