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A Sweet Gift Idea That's All About Mum

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Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that will help Mum to relax and enjoy a moment of quiet? This beautiful Davis & Waddell 3 piece mug set in pretty mint will do just that. This Mint glazed mug with matching spoon also comes with a saucer that can be used to serve sweets or biscuits too.

Whether Mum loves hot chocolate, herbal teas, or energising coffee, this cup set is sure to become one of her favourites with its sweet colour and lovely design. Davis & Waddell are renowned for their beautiful homewares which is why they are one of our favourites here at Everything But Flowers. Team this up with one of our teapots, or beautiful breakfast trays for the complete Mother's Day gift.

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Is your mum always looking for the perfect mug?

For coffee lovers, tea drinkers, and hot cocoa enthusiasts, a mug isn’t just a mug. A mug is a magical carpet ride into pure bliss. When you want a sip or two of your favourite hot beverage, you don’t want a mug that’s too small. You also don’t want a mug that’s too big. Your mum wants a mug that’s just right. And we have that very mug. From Davis & Waddell, our Mug in Blue Mint is one of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts.

A beautifully modern, blue mint mug:

For the mum with a love of contemporary style, this Davis & Waddell Mug in Blue Mint will please her aesthetic sensibilities. The light, robin egg blue is soft, but striking, making it a wonderful addition to any kitchen. And you’ll notice that the mug is accented with small, white circles, giving it a retro flare. Not only is the mug cute to boot, it’s functional and perfect for a cup or two of your mum’s favourite beverage this Mother’s Day.

Looking for a spoon?

This gorgeous mug in blue mint comes with a small, matching spoon. Nestled in the handle, this spoon is there whenever you need it. Adding sugar to your hot tea? Or mixing cream into your coffee? This adorable utensil is the perfect size! When the mug isn’t being used, easily store the spoon with the mug. That way it’s always ready and available for the next time.

Where will your mum place her biscuits?

This mug also comes with a matching white saucer, the ideal size for a small, sweet snack. Like the spoon, your mum can keep this adorable little saucer nearby. She can either nestle the white saucer in the mouth of the blue mint mug, or set the mug on top of the saucer. And there you have it! Your mum can keep this adorable mug and all its extras neat, tidy, and in one place.

This mug is just right as a Mother’s Day gift.

From that first cup of tea in the morning to that last cup of coffee after dinner, Davis & Waddell’s Mug in Blue Mint is perfect. It’s the ideal size and comes with useful accessories. We’re sure this Mother’s Day gift will soon become your mum’s favourite mug. It combines modern style with function, making it a great present for a mum that loves a nice treat during the day.

More About Davis & Waddell

Australia’s own Davis & Waddell have been producing kitchenware items for decades. They’ve perfected their style over the years, providing elegant, but useful home items. Whenever you’re looking for perfect Mother’s Day gifts, you can never go wrong with Davis & Waddell. Their high-quality kitchenware will last for years, including their Mug in Mint Blue.