Burnt Orange & Agave Nectar Diffuser

Beautifully Made in New Zealand

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This elegant gift is a beautiful way to fill her home with delightful aromas without the worry of flames or the mess that burners seem to make. This stunning reed fragrance diffuser from The Aromatherapy Co. is beautifully presented in a gloss black finish to suit any home decor and add a touch of style.

This gorgeous blend of Burnt Orange and Agave Nectar will bring a sense of joy to her senses, as this diffuser works around the clock to distribute the perfect intensity of fragrance through the room. This full-bodied, layered fragrance offers a sophisticated scent to keep her environment delightful at all times.

This is the perfect Mothers Day gift idea for a mum who appreciates elegance and beauty; shell think of you as she enjoys the new fragrance enhancing her home. This 200ml reed diffuser cleverly draws the perfect amount of fragrance along the reeds, releasing it into the air.

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Mothers Day gift ideas that introduce her to something new!

We all have particular likes, and the older we get the more we stick to what we love. This is why it's delightful to discover something new and pleasurable. We've got some Mothers Day gift ideas that might bring a new type of pleasure to you Mum's life!

Fill her home with a gorgeous scent

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Get her something she's never had

Now this can of course be anything, and you might not have a clue. So if Mothers Day isn't tomorrow, you can phone her for a chat and subtly ask questions about things she wanted as a kid, and then move onto adult items. You might be surprised that there are a few things she wish she had that you could give her, which will solve your quest for Mothers Day gift ideas!

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There's nothing like a new Experience!

Check out our Experiences to give her something new and unforgettable. Experiences are great Mothers Day gift ideas because we have so many, there's bound to be at least one she'd love. Most of them are for two, so either you could go or she could take someone else special. The Experiences range from gentle yet fun pasta making classes to surfboard lessons or tandem skydiving! We'd say the latter would probably be something new!