The MAN Plan

Irreverent tips on how to get one s sh*t together

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"It's a book full of life advice gold nuggets and shortcuts plus a sprinkling of offensive gags forming a hearty broth that's palatable for any modern man. I have certainly learnt a lot writing this book- from easy shortcuts in the kitchen to solid work outs to get healthy... I really hope you, or your man, get a lot out of this book."

- James Kerley

The Man Plan: Chapter Coverage

  • How to cook a killer meal- even if you're drunk!
  • Relationships- how to get a good one and get out of a nightmare!
  • Get your fit shit together- fitness shortcuts and workouts.
  • Sex- show stopping bedroom weaponry 
  • Health and Diet 
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Bogan proofing

Five Reasons you need The Man Plan

  1. The Man Plan is a one stop shop of tips for any Aussie guy. It comes packed with laughs and life improving ass kicking shortcuts and expertise.
  2. Ultimate present for the man in your life or a mate who could do with a kick in the arse!
  3. If your girlfriend nags you- buy the book and pretend your are reading it.
  4. If you fail to buy The Man Plan, you plan to fail.
  5. Grow a pair and be the man you could be. Shout yourself THE MAN PLAN

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