Star Wars Yoda Wall Art IXXI

Art Any Star Wars Fan Can Appreciate!

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Yoda, the Grand Jedi Master, is a character almost everyone knows and recognises. Even those unfamiliar with the Star Wars films (if that’s even possible) are familiar with this small, green guru. That’s why this IXXI Star Wars Yoda Wall Art is fantastic gift for Star Wars fans of all ages. It features a modern, flat colour image and an interesting card and connector design.

The IXXI Star Wars Yoda Wall Art set includes white connectors, 20 cards, an instruction manual, a hanging strip, drawing pins, and TESA powerstrips. The cards are made with Synaps, a waterproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant synthetic material. When needed, clean with a soft and damp cloth. The assembled dimensions are 80 x 100cm.

If you’re looking for Star Wars-inspired men’s gifts, you’ve come to the right place! Any Star Wars fan is sure to love and appreciate this awesome wall art.

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