Waterproof Notebook

Stone Paper Notebook with 80 Pages

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Adventures are meant to be enjoyed and remembered. With this Waterproof Notebook, you can fully savour every adventure you take, while also being able to document it as you go. How is this possible? This 80-page journal is made from waterproof stone paper, which can be used when it's dry or wet. When wet, stone paper doesn't bleed, tear, or turn into pulp like other paper might.

So book your kayaking trip and get this awesome Waterproof Notebook today. It also makes a wonderful Father's day, birthday, or Christmas gift for adventurous artists, writers, and scribblers.

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Our Birthday Presents for Men with Added Value!

Some gifts are extremely functional, especially when you look at some of the birthday presents for men available at Everything but Flowers. If you are looking for something functional this year, then be sure to read on. To ensure you get an overview of our best functional birthday presents for men, we have created an overview of functional men’s presents below!

The Waterproof Notebook

Men who are outside for work a lot of the time may find it difficult to find something to write on. Of course, this no longer has to be a problem with the help of the Waterproof notebook from our birthday presents for men range! This notebook is made from genuine stone paper, which means that it is completely waterproof.

The Waterproof Notebook from our birthday presents for men range enables men to note down anything while playing sports, hiking or doing anything else in the great outdoors. It is the perfect present for that outdoorsy man who likes to write down his thoughts!

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue

The second functional present in our overview of men’s presents is the Sunnylife Portable Barbecue, which is also one of the most popular men’s presents at Everything but Flowers. The reason why is not that hard to find, because this barbecue enables your recipient to do his own barbecue no matter where he is!

Our Sunnylife Portable Barbecue is a good gift for men who regularly go camping or hiking. It is also an option for someone who has recently moved, but did not have the budget to buy their barbecue yet. So, if you are buying for a barbecue lover, be sure to consider the Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from the men’s presents collection!

The Maverick Double Burger Press

For men who like to make their own patties, we can recommend the Maverick Double Burger Press from our men’s presents collection. The Maverick Double Burger Press makes it easier to create your own patties, mainly thanks to its ergonomic design that is a lot gentler on the hands.

The Maverick Double Burger Press is a great present for a man who likes to barbecue, but also for men who like to cook regularly. It is a gift that won’t go unappreciated or unused, because this double burger press can create the most amazing burgers from scratch!

AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener

Another gift for men who enjoy cooking could be our AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener. This knife sharpener is by far one of the most advanced pieces of kitchen technology in our range, featuring tungsten carbide technology to sharpen all knives in no time at all!

The AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener comes with some extra features many men will find interesting. Firstly, the knife sharpener is quite compact, which makes it easier to keep on your kitchen counter or easier to store away when you are not using it. It also enables you to sharpen knives hands-free, making the entire process a lot safer.

Smart Power Executive

Someone who is always on the go could certainly use the Smart Power Executive, because this cool little gift allows them to store their cash, cards and charge their phone at the same time! This gift could be described as a mobile power bank, ensuring that your recipient never runs out of the essentials!

Le Bicycle Tool Set

Men who like to ride their bicycle or mountain bike frequently might enjoy Le Bicycle Tools Set as a gift. This gift is a multi-tool that is lightweight and compact, making it easier for the recipient to carry it around with him. It contains all the tools needed to fix a broken bike; this includes Allen keys, wrenches and even screwdrivers for all those pesky bike emergencies.

Victorinox Red Pocket Knife

When we mention functional gifts, we cannot forget to include the Victorinox Red Pocket Knife. A good pocket knife is an essential gift for any man, because it contains valuable tools they might need in case of an emergency. It is an especially recommended gift for men who enjoy camping regularly, because this handy little pocket knife can be quite useful in the great outdoors!

Everything but Flowers stocks many functional pocket knives from Victorinox, but also from other renowned brands. So, if you wish to upgrade the size of this pocket knife, be sure to check out the other options too!

More Functional Gifts for Men

The list above contains some recommendations from the Everything but Flowers team, but there are many other functional gifts that are waiting to be discovered by you. So, if you have not found the perfect functional present for a special man in your life, head over to our main catalogue to find more options for a birthday or another special occasion!