Screw Driver Butane Gas BBQ Lighter

Refillable Butane Gas BBQ/Utility Lighter

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Butane Gas BBQ/Utility Lighter

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Screw Driver Butane Gas BBQ Lighter

Kris Kringle is not new to people especially to those who belong to a group who always want to do special traditions during the Christmas season. A tradition also known as the Secret Santa, this fun activity is sure to bring joy and added Christmas spirit in this season of giving. However, in doing this activity year after year, you may already have run out of ideas on what to give during Kris Kringle. Do not worry because here at Everything But Flowers, we have got new novelty items perfect as Kris Kringle Christmas Presents!

Ideas for Kris Kringle Christmas Presents

You are making your list and you are checking them twice. You have got to love the gift giving tradition which comes with this Yuletide Season. But what happens when you have to insert a name of a colleague whose name you did not even know until now? What in the world are you going to give him or her? Even more stressful than just Christmas shopping itself, Kris Kringle challenges us and our creativity in giving gifts to a recipient whose name has never appeared in our Christmas presents list until now. It is truly challenging and stress-inducing to try to find a cheap gift which hopefully would also say “I gave this gift a lot of thought just for you.”

Novelty gifts are always a good idea for Kris Kringle Christmas presents. They are original, unique and fun, and most of them are quite useful to its recipient. If you ever decide on giving novelty items to your colleague or friend for Kris Kringle, check out our Screw Driver Butane Gas BBQ Lighter. This item, which looks like an ordinary screw driver on the outside will surely ease the recipient’s problem of starting a fire during cookouts. Perfect for starting a fire for your BBQ, this can also be used to start a bonfire during camping in the woods.

Combining Fun and Useful

In thinking of items to give in occasions such as Christmas, you should put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Will this item be useful to him? Will I like it if I were the one to receive it? Of course, it is always a given that we should always look for things which bring fun and delight to people. However, if we just focus on the fun, such items may easily lose one’s interest after some time. They will then be rubbish as new fun items come to their home. This is why you should include the Screw Driver Butane Gas BBQ Lighter in your week-long list of Kris Kringle Christmas Presents this year. This lighter will surely give its recipient a good laugh when he gets fooled by the item’s outer appearance, but he will surely keep it for beer and BBQ weekends with friends and family members.

With a measurement of 5 ¾ inches, this item comes in black, blue, and orange colour. An ideal gift for men, this lighter can also be given to your female colleagues. This Screw Driver Butane Gas BBQ Lighter is surely going to be useful for them. With a long and slender nozzle, it will be extremely easy to start lighting a fire on your grilling equipment. You will also avoid the hassle of using match sticks to light a fire.

Fuelled by butane, the wind which can blow the fire off, is not going to be a problem. The gas will keep it lighted until you are able to fire your charcoal. What’s more is that this lighter is also refillable, so when it does not light anymore, just put in butane and you may continue on using it. With its small size, it will also be easy to keep. Put it inside the kitchen drawer where kids cannot find it, or on the top shelf where kids will not able to reach it. During daytrips, put it inside your pouch, it will not be a problem as it is not bulky.

Novelty Items for Christmas Presents at Everything But Flowers

So if you have already ran out of ideas or if you have got absolutely no idea on what to wrap for your annual Kris Kringle, come and visit us here at Everything But Flowers and browse through our wide range of selections for Christmas and all other occasions. Here we have got the funniest and the most novelty Kris Kringle Christmas presents for men and women of all ages! Make the most out of your Christmas shopping and order over $99.00 to take advantage of our free delivery.